Girls' night

On Friday I went out with some college friends...3 were sorority sisters, such a good group of girls...In May it will be 6 years of graduating college...so it is nice to still be in contact with them...we went to Kona for sushi and then out to GranFalloon...good times...


New master bath!

Oh my sweet Stevie...he finished the master bathroom this weekend...I took before pictures and somehow lost them...so you will have to go off of my word, the prior bathroom was not good- it was bright blue...small tile and a large vanity with the 1956 style as that is when our home was built. So he tore out all the drywall and started fresh, laid the 18 x 18 mosaic tile and painted and then the best of all, he made built in shelves, stained them and built them! He is so good....only got frustrated one time...but it really looks nice! I am so proud of him...check it out!