Popcorn party, suitcase party and washer party

Just a normal day in our household! God love theses little dudes. Well until Will tried to bite Luke in the washer.


Visiting Becky and Josh in Carlsbad, CA

Hello! We just got back from a four day trip out to see my sister. The boys first plane ride...they did pretty good! The only real problem was the sleeping or lack there of. Not sure if it was the time change or what but they were up early- 4:45 AM CA time 6:45 AM MO time. It was great to see my nephews, they are so special to me, I miss them. Also miss my sister and Josh. Seeing them once a year is just not enough!! The boys had a great time with their cousins at the beach. Enjoy the pics!


Mother of Multiples

I ran across this- and everything on it TOTALLY true- check it out.


Pool time!

We went to my parents pool this weekend. It was a good time. The boys LOVE the water- so do I. Good times!