Not again....Now Marvin!

So since Brody's passing on Saturday- things have gone from bad to worse...Sunday morning at 6 am Steve and I wake to Marvin, our chocolate lab that we have had since 11 weeks is vomiting blood! NO WAY!!! He continues throughout the day- then Sunday night he is having horrible runny poop- not eating as well. Marvin is almost 4 years old, super active and all around a healthy dog so we were in shock. Mind you, we just went to the vet on 6/18 to get his shots- so all was fine. Well he has continued to throw up and poop and not eat, so this morning I went into the vet- AGAIN- Dr Myer our sweet vet, who put Brody down, was there to meet me and just shaking her head said- no worries we will check this out- well Marvin is stressed- she said it is a classic scenario when a dog dies...Marvin knows what has been going on at home and is sad- he misses his buddy. Seriously, is that not the sweetest thing? He is still at the vet- very dehydrated, but on the road to being healthy again, she gave him 3 shots to help and will be sending us home with some meds. My poor baby- these poor dogs, our poor checking account...us not sleeping at all- been letting them out for the last week, Brody now Marvin. Well at least it is nothing more serious....these dogs just mean the world to Steve and I we couldn't take another major issue. Get better buddy! :)


Rest in peace sweet Bro-Bro

Uh- this is such a sad posting for us...on Saturday morning we had to put our sweet 8 year old Rott down....a week to the date of when we noticed his was sick...6/18 he was not eating and just acting funny...Steve took him to the vet on Monday and the tests came back that he had cancer, we were not sure where so on Tuesday he took him in to get an ultra sound and found out that there were two masses on his spleen. He was only eating chicken, hot dogs and a rice mixture that my mother in law made for him. On Friday he was acting a little better, we took him on a walk, he had a little more pep in his step and Steve and I cheered him with our wine on Friday night. Saturday 6/25 was another story, he woke up throwing up bile and breathing bad, then he started coughing up blood...it was just horrible, so we made the decision to take him into the vet and laid with him until his last breath, oh it was just horrible. I have never had to put a dog down or watch one take his last breath, but we know we made the right decision. Steve got Brody when he was just 8 weeks old- he and Steve had a very special bond...I don't think any other dog will have that with Steve. Our hearts are broken, we will miss you sweet Bro Bro.


Our sweet Brody

Well I have some sad news...Brody, our soon to be 9 year old Rott has cancer!! He has not been acting like himself the last couple of days, he has not been eating, that is not like him...so yesterday Steve took him to the vet and based upon his blood work, they are assuming it is cancer. He is currently getting an ultra sound to locate the cancer and tell us where we go from here. Brody is Steve's baby- I have never seen a dog so in love with their owner- Brody just loves his daddy and his daddy just loves him! Keep Bro- Bro in your thoughts please. Will update when we know more- here is a picture of Bro with his siblings- Brody is the far left Rott such a good boy!
Well just got a call from Steve, Brody has two tumors in his spleen- about 95% that they are both cancerous...we are waiting to hear from our vet.


Happy Father's Day Daddy!!!

We celebrated our first poppa's day on Sunday! What a great day Steve had with his boys...we just hung out together. I got up at 6 with them, read the paper and drank my coffee while daddy slept in a little bit, we had some water coming in through the sliding glass door, so Steve was busy fixing the door and caulking away the prior day. I dressed the boys in cute little "daddy" shirts- here is a picture of my three favorite boys! Happy Father's Day to a great daddy! I love you Steve!


Visit from Aunt Becky and Uncle Josh and cousins!

So it has been a year since my sister and I have been together- last time was in Vail when we were all together for my parents 40th anniversary. I was 7 weeks pregnant and my sister was 24 weeks pregnant...we have never met baby Trevor who was born 10/7/10- exactly 3 months before the twins. It was fun to be with them all. Brett my "first" nephew is turning 3 on 6/26- he is so stinking cute..he is potty trained now and loving his big boy underwear...my parents got him some new undies for his birthday- well to be honest my parents got him EVERYTHING- it was spider man themed birthday...the kid got hooked up! Trev is just adorable- so sweet and even tempered...it was really cool to see my boys with my sister's boys! Here are some fun pictures of our family....


Grandpa with his boys!

Here is a picture of my dad with my boys- so darling! Makes me smile to see my big papa holding his small grandsons.... :)


Phantom Kicks????

Ok since having the twins I have been feeling theses strange "flutters/kicks" on my lower left abdomen...at first I got a little nervous that I was pregnant again...so I took a test and negative- well since I am still breast feeding and have not had a period yet I start to freak myself out...they keep happening, I told Steve and he said that it must be nerve or twitch or something...well I looked it up on google and it is in fact a real thing, many women have this- called phantom kicks...has anyone experienced this like me?? I know that I am not pregnant..oh my gosh- I don't even want to think about that right now...but curious to know if anyone else has had this happen to them???


Baby food update

So the boys have been on baby food for about 2 weeks now and are loving it...Will really enjoys it, Will enjoys any type of food...he may have an eating disorder! :) So I started out with apples, pears and bananas and sweet potatos, then introduced avocados and zucchini...tonight I am introducing peas...Luke has really gotten into food the last two days, he is like a baby bird- mouth open and head following the spoon and he is starting to get pissed if I don't give him the food fast enough...it is really funny! So with this being said- real food = real poop!!! They have real people poop, this morning I was changing Luke and he had a hard little nugget...I about died!!! Then right before Steve and I left for work, both boys had two massive dumps..Steve is not good at changing poopy diapers in the morning, it makes him sick, he gags and I laugh...so this morning was full of poop- gagging and laughing!!!


Pictures from the Lake

I didn't upload these the other day...first trip to the lake, first time on the boat! They were so tired....

5 months old!

Oh my gosh- my babies are 5 months old!!! Where has the time gone? They are getting so big, such great personalities and just so much fun! They are officially eating baby food, homemade baby food....sweet potatoes, avocado, pears, applesauce and bananas...they love it! Will really loves it!!!! Luke is starting to love it....they are sleeping better- Will is still a rock star, about 10-11 hours full Luke is about 6 or 8 hours straight then wakes to feed then goes back down. I think that Luke's tummy is just so small that he needs that extra early morning feeding....I am tired, but hey they are gaining weight and doing really good, so whatever it takes. Luke has two teeth, Will has nothing yet..Luke the other day tried to do the army crawl, I about died! They love the johnny jumper and their saucers....all is good with the babies!


Another tooth = Tired Mommy

Hello all...we went to the lake this weekend...first time for the boys! My in laws have a condo on MM 34-it was a HOT weekend, we went out on the boat and just had a great time...but Luke's second tooth is in...seriously, two teeth before 5 month birthday??? So with the being said, I AM NOT SLEEPING!!! Luke is waking up twice now in the mornings...like 12:30-1:00 AM to 3:30 AM- his poor teeth are really bugging him, you can tell he is drooling a ton and just not wanting to eat too much...this morning we woke at my parents since our air conditioner broke, I mean come on?? Thank god for the home warranty- it was 91 degrees in our house at 6 pm yesterday, I really thought that I was going to DIE! So back to me and the boys waking at my parents- Luke and Will woke up in GREAT moods, so sweet....so at least I am starting my Monday off on a good note- now if the AC doesn't get fixed today like it is suppose to then this momma is going to be pissed...so let's pray that all goes well. Happy Monday-