Baby food update

So the boys have been on baby food for about 2 weeks now and are loving it...Will really enjoys it, Will enjoys any type of food...he may have an eating disorder! :) So I started out with apples, pears and bananas and sweet potatos, then introduced avocados and zucchini...tonight I am introducing peas...Luke has really gotten into food the last two days, he is like a baby bird- mouth open and head following the spoon and he is starting to get pissed if I don't give him the food fast enough...it is really funny! So with this being said- real food = real poop!!! They have real people poop, this morning I was changing Luke and he had a hard little nugget...I about died!!! Then right before Steve and I left for work, both boys had two massive dumps..Steve is not good at changing poopy diapers in the morning, it makes him sick, he gags and I laugh...so this morning was full of poop- gagging and laughing!!!

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