Our sweet Brody

Well I have some sad news...Brody, our soon to be 9 year old Rott has cancer!! He has not been acting like himself the last couple of days, he has not been eating, that is not like him...so yesterday Steve took him to the vet and based upon his blood work, they are assuming it is cancer. He is currently getting an ultra sound to locate the cancer and tell us where we go from here. Brody is Steve's baby- I have never seen a dog so in love with their owner- Brody just loves his daddy and his daddy just loves him! Keep Bro- Bro in your thoughts please. Will update when we know more- here is a picture of Bro with his siblings- Brody is the far left Rott such a good boy!
Well just got a call from Steve, Brody has two tumors in his spleen- about 95% that they are both cancerous...we are waiting to hear from our vet.

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