Another tooth = Tired Mommy

Hello all...we went to the lake this weekend...first time for the boys! My in laws have a condo on MM 34-it was a HOT weekend, we went out on the boat and just had a great time...but Luke's second tooth is in...seriously, two teeth before 5 month birthday??? So with the being said, I AM NOT SLEEPING!!! Luke is waking up twice now in the mornings...like 12:30-1:00 AM to 3:30 AM- his poor teeth are really bugging him, you can tell he is drooling a ton and just not wanting to eat too much...this morning we woke at my parents since our air conditioner broke, I mean come on?? Thank god for the home warranty- it was 91 degrees in our house at 6 pm yesterday, I really thought that I was going to DIE! So back to me and the boys waking at my parents- Luke and Will woke up in GREAT moods, so sweet....so at least I am starting my Monday off on a good note- now if the AC doesn't get fixed today like it is suppose to then this momma is going to be pissed...so let's pray that all goes well. Happy Monday-

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  1. Oh no! I hope you get the air fixed soon, Mol. That sucks!