This is my favorite time of year- I just love Fall.  This year we went to Johnson Farms with my parents and the boys.  It was a lot of fun.  There were so many things to do.  Here are a couple of shots of the boys.  Happy Fall!!


Phoenix, Sedona, Tempe and Scottsdale- Oh My!

Steve and I just got back from a 4 day vacation without our kiddos- we had a great time.  The sun was like Mexico sun, really hot.  No humidity- it was nice.  But it was hot.

We went to Tempe where ASU is.  It was game night and every bar was packed.  It was fun!
Then we went up to Sedona which was up in elevation up to 6000!  We went through a fun little mining town, Jerome, to get to Sedona.  We did slide rock in Sedona which was SO much fun!! 

We really enjoy our trip but of course missed our boys!


A day in the life of Molly and Steve

I normally do my grocery shopping on Saturday mornings at Target by myself. Steve watches the boys and I am back within 45 minutes or so. I get back and Steve is sweating and looking REALLY tired- see the dialogue below-

Me: Hey, I'm back, what is going on?

Steve: Well Molly, it has been quite a morning- Luke got the milk carton lid stuck in his mouth and started puking- like depths of hell puking, everything came up.

Me: WHAT??

Steve: Oh there is more, so in the process of cleaning me and Luke up, Will took off his diaper and pissed down the AC vent

Me: How does this stuff happen to you, I was only gone for 45 minutes????

Steve: I know, I have no idea how this happens. The AC Vent is the one that is taped down since they run around with the vents, so we can't even clean it.

Me: Oh this is the life!!!

Yep this is what happens on a daily basis. Yesterday they were sticking their fingers in/up Chloe, our Rotts, bottom- As I was cleaning poop off of the carpet, Luke pushed the bar stool that holds the highchair over and it landed on my back. Yep- knocked the wind out of me and I am bruised. Seriously??

For you people that ask when are we having another child- N E V E R!!!!! I love them to pieces but holy cow they are kicking my butt!!!


Busy boys

Hello all! We have been enjoying the Summer- seems to be going way to fast of course! The boys have been so much fun. 18 months is a great age! We go on Sunday walks to the park by our house. They love the swings and slides and just being independent. I could hear the laughing and pitter patter of feet running through the house all day long. They have started to do a little bit of sidewalk chalk and coloring. Our next step is finger paining, we will need to be outside for this one. They are talking a lot. Will does "more please" and then does the sign for more each time, it about kills us. They each can point to/ recoginize about 15-20 different body parts. It is so funny, they are like little sponges. They love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but that is about the only show. The eat a lot of food and still love their whole milk. Steve and I feel very blessed to have theses sweet boys in our lives. God is so good!!


18 month stats!!

Well we went in for their well baby check ups. I of course only care about the weights. They got their shots and we were told it was ok to get kids fluoride toothpaste. As for the stats, I swear Luke is never going to hit 20 pounds. Our little bean!! LUKE..19 pounds 6 oz... 30 inches tall. He is growing from the 15 months. Gained one pound and grew 1/2 inche, so I guess that is better than losing. WILL..23 pounds 8 oz... 32 inches tall. He gained 2 pounds 1 oz and grew 1/2 inch. They are happy and heathy. So that makes mommy and daddy happy!! Pics to come soon.


Sweet little boys

I can't believe that they are 18 months already- where does the time go? Anyways here are some pictures of them as of recent. We have their 18 month appointment on Monday so I will get back with you all then. Even though most of the pictures we take show Will not smiling, believe me he is a happy kid. I just can't capture it.


Popcorn party, suitcase party and washer party

Just a normal day in our household! God love theses little dudes. Well until Will tried to bite Luke in the washer.