Finished changing table~

Well my sweet husband finished the changing table this weekend! About 80 pounds of wood as well as hard work and sweat went into this project....check it out! He made holes for the changing table mat so that we can lock the belt thing so that it will not fall off....he did such a great job! So proud of him....hope you like it too!


Appointment update

Well went in for my 22 week appointment- all is good! Total weight gain is now up to 18 pounds! My OB said that my gain was perfect just where she wanted me to be....heard both of the babies heart beats- strong and fast! :) Scheduled me for October 11th for Gestational testing and my ultrasound as well as an appointment with her....I feel good, really happy that these little boys are doing so well...I am ok with my back hurting a little as long as they are getting all the nutrients that they need. So that is all that I really have to report- I am starting to get a slight bit of an outie belly button, it is funny! Oh and I am measuring as if I was 30 weeks pregnant if I were carrying a singleton....I will be sporting a big belly soon....well I think it is big, but even bigger! :)


21 Weeks....

Hey everyone...hope all has been well with you all. I am doing great! Feeling really well, same old back ache- but have my maternity support and heating pat to help me out...getting bigger for sure! Have my appointment on Friday the 24th no ultrasound, just check up...then after that I will be seeing my OB every two weeks with ultrasounds until I hit 30 weeks then I will be going every week....crazy to think that we might have these babies around Christmas time....only Luke and Will know that....but all in all doing great....have my first shower thrown by my mom on October 3rd...really looking forward to that! Here are some belly pics...ignore the nasty scar on the belly....rather have that then my low blood sugar, which by the way my sugars are great...having my gestational test at 24 weeks just to be safe!


A little nervous moment

So I have not been feeling the babies lately- in all the books that I am reading tells me with twins at almost 20 weeks you should be feeling movement...so I called my OB and she scheduled an ultrasound today just to make sure all is fine....so Steve and I go...I am really nervous, but telling myself that all is ok...well all is ok, both babies are GREAT- but I have anterior placenta- basically means that my placentas- since I have two- are located on the front of my uterus- so each time the babies move they hit the placentas and not me, it is a pillow to my stomach, so that is why I am not feeling anything...she thinks that it will be a while before I feel them, if I really every do....so that is a bummer, but at least my boys are healthy- baby a's heart beat was 163 and baby b's was 150- also they are FOR SURE boys...check out the pics- they were both in strange positions- more like knees up and bottoms down, but you can see the goods as well as their heads and faces...so cute! Glad all is fine....


Visit from my Anna!!

One of my best friends, Anna, came into town- she is from KC moved to NYC! Went to visit her in May and had a blast....she has been my best friend from really the moment that I met her- my Sophmore year and her Freshman at Missouri Western...she ended up rushing Tri Sigma and we just became best of friends....I miss her dearly, but she is so happy in NYC and is with the most amazing man who I know will always take care of her....so I don't need to worry about her! Anyways here are some pics of she and I when she came back, first time seeing the "boys" in my belly....I am sure I looked HUGE to her...Love you my sweet Anna! See you at Christmas....maybe the boys will be here!! :)

Almost 20 weeks!

I will be 20 weeks on Sunday- crazy to think that....the time is flying by. I am feeling really well for the most part- been getting major back pain, getting a maternity support band today. Getting all the clothes and registry items done now that we know it is two boys....so excited to meet them! Wish I was more like 30 weeks....just can't wait to hold my babies! I am up 10 pounds now at 142- that is ok with me....blood sugars are great! Really good, been below 100 each morning....here are some pics- looking REALLY pregnant! Talk soon...