A little nervous moment

So I have not been feeling the babies lately- in all the books that I am reading tells me with twins at almost 20 weeks you should be feeling movement...so I called my OB and she scheduled an ultrasound today just to make sure all is fine....so Steve and I go...I am really nervous, but telling myself that all is ok...well all is ok, both babies are GREAT- but I have anterior placenta- basically means that my placentas- since I have two- are located on the front of my uterus- so each time the babies move they hit the placentas and not me, it is a pillow to my stomach, so that is why I am not feeling anything...she thinks that it will be a while before I feel them, if I really every do....so that is a bummer, but at least my boys are healthy- baby a's heart beat was 163 and baby b's was 150- also they are FOR SURE boys...check out the pics- they were both in strange positions- more like knees up and bottoms down, but you can see the goods as well as their heads and faces...so cute! Glad all is fine....


  1. How exciting for you to be carrying twins...I know, probably not always fun, but fun for those of us who always fantasized about having twins, and are not completely done having children and going through childbirth, so we can say, "I always wanted twins!" lol
    Love the ultrasound pics! Adorable. Really!

  2. Seriously...just call me Dr. Google!!! HAHAHA!!! You know I had anterior placenta. No FUN!!! But happy all is okay with "my" babies! Keep them cooking girlfriend! I love you and the boys!