Visit from my Anna!!

One of my best friends, Anna, came into town- she is from KC moved to NYC! Went to visit her in May and had a blast....she has been my best friend from really the moment that I met her- my Sophmore year and her Freshman at Missouri Western...she ended up rushing Tri Sigma and we just became best of friends....I miss her dearly, but she is so happy in NYC and is with the most amazing man who I know will always take care of her....so I don't need to worry about her! Anyways here are some pics of she and I when she came back, first time seeing the "boys" in my belly....I am sure I looked HUGE to her...Love you my sweet Anna! See you at Christmas....maybe the boys will be here!! :)


  1. You are too sweet and it was SOOOOOOOO amazing seeing you and that belly. You just seem to be so complete and Steve is so proud of you....he just smiles ear to ear when he looks at you...he alwasy has- but its even brighter now!!!!!! I sure hope the boys come while I'm in town for Christmas but I just want them to be healthy and happy....so no rush boyz.....Stay in there as long as you need!!!!! I love you XOXOXOX

  2. New to your blog! Congratulations on twins!