First Christmas

We had a great Christmas...it was a lot of fun. We are so thankful to the lord for the best two gifts that we have gotten this year- LUKE AND WILL! Thank you for the best year of our life! What a joy to see the excitment through their eyes!

Dirty Laundry?

My mom was watching the boys yesterday and took some shots of the boys...um, the boys checking out the dryer and washer. They were making sure that they were alright for continued use of cleaning the clothes. Ha ha...


Santa Babies-

We did our first meet and greet with Santa- and it went well!!! Here is the outcome, they seem happy to me...


My busy boys

My mom was watching the boys yesterday and she took some great shots of the boys. Luke is about 16 pounds or so and he will push big boy Will 20 pounds around in this little push toy my mom got him. HILARIOUS....now when Luke gets in it to be pushed Will drops to the floor, he will not do it....oh these boys- so sweet and so much fun!


11 Months Old

HOLY COW- The boys are 11 months old today- where has the time gone? I feel like they went from newborns to toddlers, no baby time.....don't get me wrong I LOVE this stage in their lives, so funny and full of energy and innocence. I seem to be saying that I love this stage each month, seems to get better and better. They are such true blessings and we are just so in love with these two boys.

Luke is about 16.2 pds- he is super small still but full of spunk! Still in size 3 diapers. He is eating all grown up food and we have started to put whole milk in with the formula and in sippy cups. He is sleeping the entire night and will stand on his own for about a minute, not walking yet but very close. He has 6 teeth now, 4 on top and 2 on the bottom. Still in 6-12 month clothes

Will is about 20 pds- he is the big boy, he is turning more ornery everyday...he will push your limits and is not afraid of anything! He loves food...he will eat food off of Luke's tray- he loves the whole milk- he is so funny, laughing a lot and always wanting Luke's attention. He has taken two steps on his own, we think he will be walking first..He is in size 3 diapers as well but he is in the cruiser size 3 and Luke is in the regular pampers size 3. He is in 12-18 month clothes. He also has 6 teeth, 4 on top and 2 on bottom. He is our sleeper- will sleep about 13 hours a night!

Here are some pictures of them in their cute Santa jammies- they are NOT wanting to sit still for these monthly pictures and the monthly sign got destroyed this time....I did the best I could....here are my darling big boys!

Also Luke doesn't like the flash anymore- that is the silly face that he is making in MANY of these shots...


Will's first word and Luke waving

So this morning Will said his first word- "ot"- meaning "hot." We have been using the fireplace lately and we have told him and Luke that it is hot- we put our hand out and say "hot." Well this morning he was sitting in front of it, it was not on- but we still say Hot- he held his little hand out in front of it and said "ot, ot." I smiled and called Steve and put him on speaker phone, he kept saying ot. SO SMART!!

Yesterday Jordan was gettting ready to leave, Steve was holding Luke- Steve said bye bye Jordan, Luke started to wave....so cute!!


Christmas decor in the new house

Ok so I am SO excited for Christmas- two main reasons, first christmas for the boys and first christmas in our new home! FUN FUN! Here are some pictures of the decor which I have to thank my mom for helping me and for letting me borrow some items....

Thanksgiving and other pictures

Hello all...

Hope your thanksgiving was wonderful, we had a great time. The boys were so fun minus the fact that they did not take a nap over at their nana's and poo's house....they were full of taters and turkey!!


Being Thankful

This year is a first for many things, not a first for being thankful or appreciative as I am very thankful for everything that I have in life. This year it is different though, God blessed us with these two precious gifts that go by the names Luke and Will. This year is my first thanksgiving as a mom, I am so thankful for my wonderful family...my amazing husband whom without I would not be able to become this mom to these special gifts. My husband is everything to me...my family is everything to me...my mom and dad are two of the most important people in my life, my sister, my in laws and my friends I am so grateful to you all.

Thank you for my first thanksgiving as a mommy. Luke and Will you have no idea how much I love you and how forever grateful I am to be your mommy. I will love you always and be thankful for you always.

Happy thanksgiving everyone!


New necklace & meds

So I ended up going to to the doctor...ear infection and sinus infection! BOO. The babes are not sick thank goodness. It sucks, but so glad that I went to the doctor.

So Steve got me a necklace from Etsy- I FINALLY got it yesterday and I love it...a lower case l and w for my two boys! Thank you honey....I love it!


Not another runny nose

UGH- this is the third time I have been "sick" this year. I guess when you have twins that have a runny nose, the momma gets it too. Ugh, I am so tired and my poor nose, sneezing and blowing and all of that. The boys have runny noses and sneezing, but still happy. I am not sure why we are all getting this, I am guessing the weather being 35 in the morning and then 70 in the day....it is messing us all up. I had my flu shot and so did the boys....so why are we getting these stupid colds? Winter come and let our bodies get use to the weather, the hot to cold cold to hot is annoying. I would like to sleep right now.....not going to happen. Oh well this is my new life as a working momma to twins.


Two dudes, one swing

We went to the park yesterday for the first time...we put the boys in the swing together and they loved it! We loved it!!! So fun...

Double digits!!

The boys are 10 months old!!! HOLY COW- 10 months....oh it is so much fun. Each day they do something new from clapping to walking behind a push toy to walking around the couches to trying new food. Such a true blessing that these are MY children. I am so lucky~ Happy 10 months of life boys- you make your daddy and I so happy and so loved!!

Also another THANK YOU to my mom who bought these adorable outfits for the boys! Luke and Will say thanks so much grandma bon-bon!


My little helpers-

The boys just had to help mommy fold clothes- or sit on the clothes...I didn't mind the help!!!


Ahoy mateys from the boys! Their first Halloween and we found them matching pirate themed outfits! Too cute....Happy Halloween everyone!


Two years

Happy Anniversary to us! Two years and two kids! I married my best friend two years ago today....thank you Steve for picking me to be your wife! I am SO LUCKY. I love you!

We went to Saint Louis for the evening on Saturday. It was a quick trip, but we had a great time. It was my first night to leave the boys- my parents watched them, so a big thank you goes out to grandma bon-bon and grandpa Steve. :)


First day of the nanny

So we had the nanny yesterday- she got to our house early and we went over everything...for some reason my heart was pounding, nervous I guess. I was gathering all of my stuff and she sat down and started playing with the boys- she smiled and said "have a good day." I felt good leaving, I felt a little bit of the weight off my shoulders being released...but still was worried. I thought of them all day...I thought "what if she feeds Will too fast and he chokes" "what if Luke goes up the stairs and he falls back onto the landing" all these thoughts....I finally told myself to have some faith and all will be ok. I called her at one and I heard the boys in the background laughing and playing...she said "Hi Molly, all is good here- they are having fun." I hope that she is having fun too- I want her to LOVE this job...love our boys and our family.

Steve got home at 4:30 and I got home around 5- she wrote down when they ate, slept and all of that...so I feel good. I am hoping that she stays with our family and falls in love with the boys.

The dreaded first day is down- here's to hoping that all continues to go well.... :)


Pumpkin Patch

Oh I love this time of year....I LOVE going to the pumpkin patch...last year I was 24 weeks pregnant, this year we have two nine month old little pumpkins! We went with my parents to Louisburg and then Powell Pumpkin Patch, so much fun!