First day of the nanny

So we had the nanny yesterday- she got to our house early and we went over everything...for some reason my heart was pounding, nervous I guess. I was gathering all of my stuff and she sat down and started playing with the boys- she smiled and said "have a good day." I felt good leaving, I felt a little bit of the weight off my shoulders being released...but still was worried. I thought of them all day...I thought "what if she feeds Will too fast and he chokes" "what if Luke goes up the stairs and he falls back onto the landing" all these thoughts....I finally told myself to have some faith and all will be ok. I called her at one and I heard the boys in the background laughing and playing...she said "Hi Molly, all is good here- they are having fun." I hope that she is having fun too- I want her to LOVE this job...love our boys and our family.

Steve got home at 4:30 and I got home around 5- she wrote down when they ate, slept and all of that...so I feel good. I am hoping that she stays with our family and falls in love with the boys.

The dreaded first day is down- here's to hoping that all continues to go well.... :)

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  1. YAY!! So glad for a great first day! When I first started looking for childcare I joined a site for sitters and nanny's. I just had a hard time thinking of someone in my home. I don't know why that bothered me. Maybe this will give me the push to look into it again down the road (WAY down the road) when we have #2!