This is my favorite time of year- I just love Fall.  This year we went to Johnson Farms with my parents and the boys.  It was a lot of fun.  There were so many things to do.  Here are a couple of shots of the boys.  Happy Fall!!


Phoenix, Sedona, Tempe and Scottsdale- Oh My!

Steve and I just got back from a 4 day vacation without our kiddos- we had a great time.  The sun was like Mexico sun, really hot.  No humidity- it was nice.  But it was hot.

We went to Tempe where ASU is.  It was game night and every bar was packed.  It was fun!
Then we went up to Sedona which was up in elevation up to 6000!  We went through a fun little mining town, Jerome, to get to Sedona.  We did slide rock in Sedona which was SO much fun!! 

We really enjoy our trip but of course missed our boys!


A day in the life of Molly and Steve

I normally do my grocery shopping on Saturday mornings at Target by myself. Steve watches the boys and I am back within 45 minutes or so. I get back and Steve is sweating and looking REALLY tired- see the dialogue below-

Me: Hey, I'm back, what is going on?

Steve: Well Molly, it has been quite a morning- Luke got the milk carton lid stuck in his mouth and started puking- like depths of hell puking, everything came up.

Me: WHAT??

Steve: Oh there is more, so in the process of cleaning me and Luke up, Will took off his diaper and pissed down the AC vent

Me: How does this stuff happen to you, I was only gone for 45 minutes????

Steve: I know, I have no idea how this happens. The AC Vent is the one that is taped down since they run around with the vents, so we can't even clean it.

Me: Oh this is the life!!!

Yep this is what happens on a daily basis. Yesterday they were sticking their fingers in/up Chloe, our Rotts, bottom- As I was cleaning poop off of the carpet, Luke pushed the bar stool that holds the highchair over and it landed on my back. Yep- knocked the wind out of me and I am bruised. Seriously??

For you people that ask when are we having another child- N E V E R!!!!! I love them to pieces but holy cow they are kicking my butt!!!


Busy boys

Hello all! We have been enjoying the Summer- seems to be going way to fast of course! The boys have been so much fun. 18 months is a great age! We go on Sunday walks to the park by our house. They love the swings and slides and just being independent. I could hear the laughing and pitter patter of feet running through the house all day long. They have started to do a little bit of sidewalk chalk and coloring. Our next step is finger paining, we will need to be outside for this one. They are talking a lot. Will does "more please" and then does the sign for more each time, it about kills us. They each can point to/ recoginize about 15-20 different body parts. It is so funny, they are like little sponges. They love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but that is about the only show. The eat a lot of food and still love their whole milk. Steve and I feel very blessed to have theses sweet boys in our lives. God is so good!!


18 month stats!!

Well we went in for their well baby check ups. I of course only care about the weights. They got their shots and we were told it was ok to get kids fluoride toothpaste. As for the stats, I swear Luke is never going to hit 20 pounds. Our little bean!! LUKE..19 pounds 6 oz... 30 inches tall. He is growing from the 15 months. Gained one pound and grew 1/2 inche, so I guess that is better than losing. WILL..23 pounds 8 oz... 32 inches tall. He gained 2 pounds 1 oz and grew 1/2 inch. They are happy and heathy. So that makes mommy and daddy happy!! Pics to come soon.


Sweet little boys

I can't believe that they are 18 months already- where does the time go? Anyways here are some pictures of them as of recent. We have their 18 month appointment on Monday so I will get back with you all then. Even though most of the pictures we take show Will not smiling, believe me he is a happy kid. I just can't capture it.


Popcorn party, suitcase party and washer party

Just a normal day in our household! God love theses little dudes. Well until Will tried to bite Luke in the washer.


Visiting Becky and Josh in Carlsbad, CA

Hello! We just got back from a four day trip out to see my sister. The boys first plane ride...they did pretty good! The only real problem was the sleeping or lack there of. Not sure if it was the time change or what but they were up early- 4:45 AM CA time 6:45 AM MO time. It was great to see my nephews, they are so special to me, I miss them. Also miss my sister and Josh. Seeing them once a year is just not enough!! The boys had a great time with their cousins at the beach. Enjoy the pics!


Mother of Multiples

I ran across this- and everything on it TOTALLY true- check it out.


Pool time!

We went to my parents pool this weekend. It was a good time. The boys LOVE the water- so do I. Good times!


25 Facts about me!

Many of the blogs I read have been doing this- so I thought that I would join. I love turtles. When I was in high school my mom and I made a turtle pit. Real deal turtle pit. We had up to 10 turtles that we caught in the pit one summer. I almost always make Steve stop to help a turtle cross the road. I love coffee. Drink it daily now I also love fake tanning. Put a stop to it since my surgery well and now since seeing the "tan mom" from Jersey- Holy Cow lady- LAY OFF THE TANNING I am a big dancer. LOVE LOVE LOVE to dance. Now I dance with my boys. I am pretty much into any bargain I can find. Garage sales, Thrift stores. I find really cute cheap stuff and love it when people compliment me on it. BARGAIN! I love the summer- especially now that our AC is fixed! Also can't live without the farmer's market- going every Saturday with my cup of coffee and boys! Never thought that I would have twins- really sometimes I still can't believe that they're mine. Am a big fan of animals- we have two dogs and my sweet kitty who I got in college, she will be 10 this September Enjoy working for my dad. Of course I would love to be a stay at home mom, Can't beat having your dad as your boss Am so thankful that I moved into the house that we did. I have made so many close girlfriends, I am so lucky I am also thankful for my continued health 2 1/2 years later. No Spleen and 50% of my pancreas- doing really well Lucky that I found Steve at age 26- got married at 28 and had two babes with him at age 29! WE DIDN'T MESS AROUND. :) Miss that my sister and brother in law and two sweet nephews aren't closer- anxiously awaiting our June visit to SD Looking forward to all of the first time summer events with the boys and Steve Can't wait until the boys start talking- really talking If I could travel anywhere I would go GREECE- Love custard, worked at Sheridan's frozen custard in college Am so thankful that I went to the college that I went to- meet some great friends- TRI SIGMA I am a big fan of Feta cheese I also love love love black olives I thought FaceBook was dumb- never joined until recently and now I am obsessed with it


Daily changes

Hello all- haven't posted in a while..I have been busy. The boys are almost 16 months and I just can't believe how fast the time goes. I will have new pictures to post after the weekend. It seems like each day they change into these little boys, not babies anymore. I can say to you that I love it. I love to see their little eyes light up and pointer fingers out when discoverying new things. These sweet boys are so wonderful. I have always wanted to be a wife and mom and I have to thank my sweet husband, Steve, for giving me everything that I have ever wanted- Wife and Mom. The boys are getting into wrestling eachother which just kills me. This morning Luke- who is 19 pounds, tackled Will who is 23 pounds to the ground. Luke was sitting on top of him and Will was crying. So I had to break it up, but gosh it is funny to me. Their vocabulary is changing daily too. Kitty Cat- Keecat is my favorite word that they say, the cat at the end is high pitch in excitment. Milk, dog, mama, dada, ball- seems like everything is ball, uh-oh that is another one that they say all the time. Bye Bye- I am sure that there are many more words, but can't seem to think of them They both love taking their little tiny pointer fingers and turning off their bedroom lights in the morning- I hold them and say let's turn off the light and the pointer finger is already out waiting for it. They are running now- all I hear is 4 pitter patter feet running through the house and it makes me smile. We are so very blessed. Thank you God for these miracles. Have a good weekend- will have pictures of my little dudes on Monday their offical 16 month birthday!



The boys had their 15 month check up.

Luke weighing in at 18 pounds 6 oz- FINALLY ON THE SCALE 1%- so pathetic
Luke height- 29 1/2 inches- FINALLY ON THE SCALE 5%

He is walking, almost running now. A pro at coming down the steps on his belly. Says "ball, milk, hot, blanket, kitty cat"
In size 3 diapers
Wearing 9-12 or 12 month clothes, some are still 6-12 months
Sleeping from 7:30 to about 6 or 6:30
Turning into a little biter!!! He has bit Will twice in the last two days!

Will weighing in at 22 pounds 6 oz- 25%
Will height- 31 1/2 inches- 50%

He is 4 pounds heavier and 2 inches taller than brother.
He is running, crazy fast runner. He wants to use the handrails to walk down the steps like mom and dad do.
Say "ball, milk, hot, kitty cat, more and Will-
In size 3 diapers
Wearing 12-18 months in almost everything now
Sleeping like a freaking champ- 7:30 til about 7 each day!
Stopped the biting but now is getting bit and I bet he will start it back up again.

These two little boys are my life, along with their daddy. I am so truly blessed to be THEIR mom. I got two babes in one pregnancy, pretty freaking sweet. Thank you God for these amazing people you have created!


My growing boys

After looking at these pictures I am sure that you will all agree with me that Will looks like he is two- just so you all know the boys will be 15 Months on 4/7. It is just nuts to me that Will is so much bigger than Luke. They both are equally cute though!!


Once again- they're into something else!

These boys are so busy! The pulled all of their toys out and then jumped inside.


Grandma Bon-Bon and the boys

My parents stopped by for sunday dinner after getting back from a week long trip to Costa Rica. It was good to see them, they missed the boys! They are so brown and I am so jealous! Here is a picture of brown Grandma Bon Bon and the boys!


Two busy boys!

The boys have been into EVERYTHING lately...getting on top of furniture and just very interested in many things. The new thing is to pull our blinds up and look outside to the front street. I got a couple of shots this morning. So stinking cute. I go outside and knock on the window and they really love that! Enjoy!