Busy boys

Hello all! We have been enjoying the Summer- seems to be going way to fast of course! The boys have been so much fun. 18 months is a great age! We go on Sunday walks to the park by our house. They love the swings and slides and just being independent. I could hear the laughing and pitter patter of feet running through the house all day long. They have started to do a little bit of sidewalk chalk and coloring. Our next step is finger paining, we will need to be outside for this one. They are talking a lot. Will does "more please" and then does the sign for more each time, it about kills us. They each can point to/ recoginize about 15-20 different body parts. It is so funny, they are like little sponges. They love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but that is about the only show. The eat a lot of food and still love their whole milk. Steve and I feel very blessed to have theses sweet boys in our lives. God is so good!!

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