The big REVEAL!!

Well we are having two BOYS!! They both are really healthy and measuring close to the same- Baby A 6.4 Oz and heartbeat of 160 and Baby B 8.0 Oz and heartbeat of 150. They are in the ying and yang position, Baby A's head is on top of Baby B's feet- so Baby A is the top one...still having the due date of 1/30- but she said that I will be no more than 38 weeks as they will induce me...but at 18 weeks I am feeling great and up about 10 pounds from pre-pregnancy....so Luke and Will we will be SO anxious to meet you....she said that there is a chance of them being identical even though they are in different sacs- it can happen I guess....here are some pics of them!


16 weeks 2 days!

Hello all!
Getting bigger day by day and loving it all! I am feeling for the most part really well, but still so tired- now I am in the stage of having horrible dreams that keep me awake since they scare me so much...snakes, spiders and then horrible things that are happening to the babies- that is what I dream about...I read that 2nd Trimester bad dreams are pretty common, but gosh it is crazy- they are so vivid I remember all of them. I go in a week from Friday to get the big ultrasound to tell us if we are having 2 boys, 2 girls or one of each...we do have the names though- 2 boys- Luke Thomas and Will Anthony- 2 girls- Lucy Elizabeth and Lyla Grace and boy/girl Luke Thomas and Lucy Elizabeth! So now we just have to wait....all is well overall- be checking in next week with the news!


15 Weeks one day!

I am feeling really good! Still having some serious headaches- all hormonal my OB said- noticed the linea nigra line this weekend as well- it is crazy....two of my best friends have had kids- both my sister and sister in law and I felt their bellies and now it is strange to feel mine and know that there are two babies in my belly! I am so excited for this journey...have wanted to be a mom since I was 7...also strange to think about but in 3 weeks at 18 week mark I am considered 1/2 way there! 36 weeks is full term with twins...so that is cool as well...but all in all feeling really well..still waking up to pee at 2-3 am- almost in full effect maternity clothes- this shot was not maternity clothes....pant are low enough not to hurt me...2 weeks from Friday and we find out...had a dream two nights ago that they were both boys....we shall see!


Stomach Flu

Wowsa...feeling better now, but got hit hard with the stomach flu. The babies must have given me something that I was not agreeing with...took the day off yesterday and this morning, but back at it. No fever, but chills and throwing up and cramping...really strange. Feeling ok now, soup and saltines is the way to go! Almost 3 weeks until we find out the sexes...so excited!


Baby Bedding....

Here is the baby bedding that we have picked up- this will be for the twins to share for a while....so if we stay in our house we will use this set as well as Lauren, my sister in law's, off white crib and dresser- Steve is making the changing table....so here it is...we really like it! Hope you do as well....


14 week pictures

Ok so somehow I bloomed over the weekend...maternity pants are much needed now! I feel really good for the most part- not sick anymore, having a little more energy but still really tired. Anxiously awaiting the 27th of this month when we find out the sexes of the little babies! Here are some pics of the 14 week mark!