16 weeks 2 days!

Hello all!
Getting bigger day by day and loving it all! I am feeling for the most part really well, but still so tired- now I am in the stage of having horrible dreams that keep me awake since they scare me so much...snakes, spiders and then horrible things that are happening to the babies- that is what I dream about...I read that 2nd Trimester bad dreams are pretty common, but gosh it is crazy- they are so vivid I remember all of them. I go in a week from Friday to get the big ultrasound to tell us if we are having 2 boys, 2 girls or one of each...we do have the names though- 2 boys- Luke Thomas and Will Anthony- 2 girls- Lucy Elizabeth and Lyla Grace and boy/girl Luke Thomas and Lucy Elizabeth! So now we just have to wait....all is well overall- be checking in next week with the news!


  1. You look so super cute, Mol. Excited for the BIG news next week :)

  2. You look too cute for words!!!! I can't wait to see you next week and put my hands all over that belly and give those twins and my Molly some LOVE!!!!!!! Miss you sweetie XOXOXOOX