15 Weeks one day!

I am feeling really good! Still having some serious headaches- all hormonal my OB said- noticed the linea nigra line this weekend as well- it is crazy....two of my best friends have had kids- both my sister and sister in law and I felt their bellies and now it is strange to feel mine and know that there are two babies in my belly! I am so excited for this journey...have wanted to be a mom since I was 7...also strange to think about but in 3 weeks at 18 week mark I am considered 1/2 way there! 36 weeks is full term with twins...so that is cool as well...but all in all feeling really well..still waking up to pee at 2-3 am- almost in full effect maternity clothes- this shot was not maternity clothes....pant are low enough not to hurt me...2 weeks from Friday and we find out...had a dream two nights ago that they were both boys....we shall see!


  1. Two boys would be awesome!!! I'm not biased or anything ;) But imagine how much fun our boys would have! I can give you pointers.

    Mol, you look so cute already! That belly is gonna be something to see when you're 36 weeks :)

    Love you

  2. I am telling you now as I said before my guess is 2 boys!!! Have I also mentioned how happy and excited I am for you!!!
    I know you will be the best mom ever...since you are the best friend I could ever have!!!
    I can't wait to touch that belly!