Another visit from my sweet Anna

I was working on Thursday 12/23 and I look up and see Anna at my office door- what a great surprise! As you all know, Anna, lives in Yonkers, NY and she is from KC so when I get to see her it is a big deal!!! I just love this girl more than she will ever really know...and the best news of Christmas is that she is moving back home, well to Wichita in January for a job with Ashley Furniture...so happy for her and she can be close to home and close to Luke and Will....best christmas present ever!!!


Another belly shot

Merry Christmas and 35 weeks

Hello all-

Well I have made it to 35 weeks....next week we go into the specialist and they will measure Luke and Will and see where we stand on when to induce if we are even going to do that. I was told at my 35 week appointment that I am not growing anymore- my measurements have been the same for the last few weeks and I am up about the same on weight- up 37 pounds...so my OB told me that we will wait and see what the specialist say next Monday...so will be waiting for that day- both boys are head down still so vaginal birth is how we are going to start as long as I can dialate ok. As of yesterday only a finger tip dialated she said- so we shall see....will keep you posted.


34 week appointment and other news

Hey all...

Been a while since blogging- I am now over 34 weeks and feeling good, but still really tired and the extra 35 pounds of weight is starting to take toll on me. We had another bio yesterday and both boys are head down and we will be trying for a vaginal birth! My OB and I discussed it yesterday and that is the plan. We have another specialist appointment on 1/3 to weigh the boys again then I go see my OB right after that and we may be having a talk of inducing me depending on if Luke is gaining....so that was another exciting moment yesterday.

The other BIG news is that we sold our house! Can you believe that? We took it off the market on 11/1- we had a couple look at the house over Labor Day weekend and they called on 12/15 to see the house again- well on 12/16 we had an offer and we countered and finally after 4 counters we both agreed...we are set to close on 1/31 and today we are looking for a new house! All of this happened so soon that we really still can't wrap our heads around it- it is horrible timing, but God works in his own way and we knew that we needed more room for our soon to be growing boys- will keep you posted on all of the exciting news to come!


33 Week Appointment Results

All is good! No dialation- she did say that she could feel Luke's head- C R A Z Y!! I am going on bedrest- working 1/2 days only per my OB. She wants me at home resting and laying on one side and trying to nap more...need to get more blood flow to the boys and the best way to do that is laying on my side. So I am ok with that- thank goodness I work for my dad- he is being so great about all of this, but I must admit, I have made it to 33 weeks one day with no bed rest...so that is great!

Christmas 2010

I tried to take a couple shots of our Christmas tree with the dogs- didn't turn out so well...but thought that you would like to see them. Also got one of Zoey, our cat....who just loves to sit on my blanket on the couch. We got new ornaments this year for the boys- you will see on the tree a "L" and "W"- thought those were cute...

33 Weeks!!!

So I am getting bigger and bigger and I love the belly. All is good- we went on Friday to the specialist and both boys are weighing closer together- Luke Baby A is 3 pounds 15 oz and Will Baby B is 4 pounds 2 oz. We are monitoring them to make sure that they grow closer together. I go back to the specialist for another growth scan on 1/3/11 to make sure all is ok. I go see my OB today for my 33 week appointment- thinking that my doctor is going to cut back my work hours- she wants me to rest more and lay down for good blood flow....I will keep you posted on that. Here are some pictures of my 33 week belly!


32 weeks and update on boys

So I don't have a picture of me this week- I forgot to take one...maybe tonight I will take one....anyways- all seems to be going well- I went in for my appointment yesterday- up 35 pounds now and got the ultrasound of the boys. Both were very active and breathing and sucking on their own...the issue is that Luke- baby A is much smaller than Will Baby B- Luke was 3 pounds 6 oz and Will was 4 pounds 8 oz....Will is our CHUNK!! So my OB wants us to go to a perinatologist on Friday for them to do a 2D or 3D ultrasound to check out Luke's cord and placenta to make sure that there is no issues....so I am keeping my fingers crossed and praying to God that we just have one small boy and one larger boy....please say a prayer for these two miracle boys- Luke has been moving a ton this morning- he is telling me- "mom, don't worry I am alright" Will is moving too, probably wants to be closer to the food-- ha ha. Anyways, will blog on Friday!


3rd Shower-

I had another shower- hosted by my aunts and sister in law- well my aunts that are my in-laws, but they are all more like my aunts...Steve was really blessed with such a wonderful family. I mean I love my mother in law- she is just a peach! She really is one of the sweetest people that I know, along with Lauren, my sister in law...she is freaking great! We get along so well- she is a good friend to me along with my being my sister in law! Anyways, the aunts are wonderful as well. They hosted me a perfect babies' shower- it was a really good time! They got me my diaper bag- I am OBSESSED with this diaper bag! My friend, Molly has one and I just love it! Now I have my own Petunia Pickle Bottom Bag- THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE! Love you all...here is the picture of what my bag looks like...so chic!

31 weeks!

Another week has passed us by- the boys are moving a TON! This week we actually saw both of the boys moving at the same time on my bare belly- you could see little feet. Steve thought that it was awesome! Anyways here are some pictures of my 31 week belly.


30 Weeks!

Holy crap- 30 weeks pregnant!!! Should be expecting these little guys in 6 to 8 weeks...I am thinking more like 6, but I have my next appointment tomorrow with another bio physical...see how they are situated and ask more questions as to when we are thinking here. We are so excited....I just can't wait to meet these little guys- well I can wait, don't want them too early....here are some pics of me at 30 weeks...


29 Weeks!

Another week is passing us by....have another bio physical this morning, so I will keep you posted on that...but here are some new pics of me and the boys- they are moving so much it is crazy and Steve can actually feel them, we can feel Luke's little feet right under my ribs- he is my active guy- maybe that is why he is smaller than Will, burning all those calories moving around....


Update on boys

So we went in today for our first weekly bio-physical...it is basically an ultrasound for measurements- they want to make sure that they see the babies breathing and measure everything, check kidneys, hearts and bladder and all of that- they want you to score 8 out of 8 on these test each week- week one- which is week 28 pregnancy- we scored 8 on both babies....Luke is measuring smaller than Will which has really always been the case- Luke is 2.3 pounds and heart beat of 150- Will is our little chunk 2.14 pounds and heart beat of 156. Luke has hair on his head- it is funny to see that....but all in all doing well. Have our next bio on 11/15- each Monday now....

28 Weeks

Well I have made it another week! Each week feels like a milestone- so we go today to get our ultrasound/growth scan- anxious to see how much they weigh and to make sure that they are growing correctly. At my 28 week appointment my weight was down- now at 156 from 162 at my last two week appointment- I think that most of that was due to water weight gain, but my OB doesn't want me to lose anymore weight...cervix is still closed and tight and heard both babies heart beats- all seems to be good so far! Here are some pics...


2nd baby shower!

I am so lucky to have all these great family and friends around me to share in our happiness of these two little boys! I had my second shower on Saturday at a winery...it was a lot of fun! My dear friend, Laurel, threw it for me....it was just a perfect day with friends and my mom and sister in law and mother in law! Thanks to everyone for coming...


Sneek peeks of nursery

Here are a couple pictures of the nursery....my mom is making the valances, thank goodness....she is so good with that type of stuff. We put new carpet in the house last Saturday and then on Sunday we went crazy on bringing all the baby stuff up...I have been waiting to decorate, this is my thing! Still have some more items to purchase but you get the idea....hope you like it as much as Steve and I do.

27 weeks! Third Trimester!!!!

Well I have made it to the 3rd trimester and just so happy to be on the home stretch to meet these little boys! All is well so far....I have switched up my diet from the help of my dear friend, Liz, who is going to be a nutritional therapist- so she has MANY foods/meals that are low in glycemic index so that my blood sugar will not spike after foods. I had to cut out all my sweet cravings- I was REALLY starting to get along with donuts well. So my snack now is frozen green grape that Liz told me to eat and I love them! Sweet potatoes for breakfast with eggs and trying to steer clear of the carbs- I tried them and they really raised my sugars....so as of right now checking my blood 4 times a day and trying to watch my food intake. Total weight gain is close to 30 pounds so far! I am really ok with it, it is basically all belly...so that works for me. The boys are moving a ton and I am really feeling it which is super cool. We go next Monday to the OB- 28 week appointment and we also get a growth scan/ultrasound. Then I go in every week after that appointment- it is getting close. My OB is thinking anywhere from January 2-9th! Keep you posted with more updates after my Monday appointment.


One Year Anniversary

Steve and I celebrated our one year this weekend in Weston, MO...fun little wine town up North....it was a great way to ring in the one year mark! I have such an amazing guy...he really is my soul mate! He gave me a card that just said it all- we have been through so much this last year with my health and without him I would have gone crazy that is for sure! Anyways, we got to our hotel room and when I walked in there was a bouquet of my favorite flowers, Lilies...so sweet...we went out to a great restruant and really enjoyed our time...it was fun! Here are some pics showing my lilies and #1 for our first anniversary...


Endo results...

So I saw my endocronolgist today and she was happy to say that as of right now I will not need any insulin as long as I am getting enough nutrients. I will have to meet with a dietician to make sure that I am eating enough since I am pregnant with twins. But my blood sugars and A1C count was good- so all in all I feel really good about this. She wants me to check myself 4 times a day now, but I am ok with that...will keep you posted, but good news so far!


Our dogs

My mom got them all matching Halloween bandanna's and we had to take a pic of them all....I am OBSESSED with having them in bandanna's- this has been my thing for about a year now...so this was a great present since they look so handsome and pretty....here they are!


25 weeks....

Seems strange to think that we will have babies in about 11 weeks! HOLY COW...anyways feeling pretty well for as far as I am. Not as nervous about the gestational diabetes- I am meeting with my endcronologist on Thursday she has me taking my sugars twice a day and they have all been really good- especially fasting been below 91 each morning, so that is great. Total weight gain so far is 22 pounds belly button is almost outie- babies are kicking all the time, it is really cool that I can feel them and Steve too. I put the remote on my belly and they just go crazy- it is fun. Here are some pics of my 25 week belly.


3 hour glucose test

Well I failed again....failed 3 out of 4. The only one that I passed was my fasting which was 81- which is great! So I called my endo to see where we need to go with this as my nurse with OB wanted to send me to a dietician and nutritionist and then I told her the whole story of me only having 1/2 my pancreas...so we shall see what my endocronlogist states that I should be doing...will keep you all posted, I am not allowing myself to freak out just yet!


Well I failed....

So I have to go in tomorrow for my 3 hour glucose test...ugh! I knew this would happen....I guess my results were "elevated" they should be no higher than 135 and I was 151- so I go in tomorrow and see- my issue is that I am only living with 55% of my pancreas so it doesn't know how to process all the sugars so fast...so since I failed today they give me a higher dose tomorrow- so they test me at 8 am fasting needs to be below 95 then I drink the drink and they test me at one hour needs to be below 180 then again at 2 hours needs to be below 155 then last at 3 hour needs to be below 140- if I fail 2 out of the 4 then I am considered gestational diabetic...but with me it is different I will have to be on insulin shots since my pancreas will never produce more insulin- so PLEASE pray for me...I am really worried I do not want to become type one diabetic....ugh that would not be good!


24 week update and pumpkin patch

So I went and got another ultrasound today as well as my gestational testing...going to say that I failed the test- I checked my own blood sugar before they tested me and it was 184- really high! So I find out tomorrow if I passed or not....I am guessing no since I have monster babies in me...my ob told me that the babies should be about a pound a piece- well Luke baby a is 1 1/2 and Will, baby b is 1 pound 9 oz at 24 weeks! So we will know more tomorrow- will keep you all posted...but both babies are perfect....stomach's and heart chambers and all looks good! so that is a blessing....here are some pics of my husband and I at the pumpkin patch...


Speaking of movement

Ok so last night around 8 I was laying in bed getting ready to watch Grey's- I had the bedroom light on and felt some kicking so I pulled my shirt up and looked at my belly and then all of the sudden another kick but this time I could see my belly move- it was so so strange. Then today right now, I am sitting at my computer and they are doing it again, movement from the right then left side- so we have some active little boys- maybe soccer players?? Will post some of the ultrasounds on Monday!



So lately I have had some movement from both of the boys- it is really cool since I have really never felt them before...having some kicks really only at night when I am laying in bed, Steve can feel them move too....it is pretty neat to have your kids move inside you and you to actually feel them- not to have them blocked by the mounds of placentas. We are so looking forward to our ultrasound on Monday, I can''t wait to see their placement and how long and large they are. It really is surreal to think that in about 2 1/2 to 3 months we will have our little boys! So excited. I will post more ultrasound pics on Monday!


1st Baby Shower.... :)

So I had my first baby shower on Sunday...thrown by my wonderful momma! If you don't know my mom, she is pretty much just flat out amazing! She is the QUEEN of detail, she never misses a thing....so of course when she said that she was planning me a shower to be thrown at her house I figured it would be over the top- it totally was! It was awesome....she did the "double" theme from games to home made diaper cake that she made with two little guys on top of the cake...so mom, thank you for making this shower so special! You really are one of a kind and I love you so much...you rock! Luke and Will have no idea how special their grandma is...the joy is to come for them finding out! Love you....