Update on boys

So we went in today for our first weekly bio-physical...it is basically an ultrasound for measurements- they want to make sure that they see the babies breathing and measure everything, check kidneys, hearts and bladder and all of that- they want you to score 8 out of 8 on these test each week- week one- which is week 28 pregnancy- we scored 8 on both babies....Luke is measuring smaller than Will which has really always been the case- Luke is 2.3 pounds and heart beat of 150- Will is our little chunk 2.14 pounds and heart beat of 156. Luke has hair on his head- it is funny to see that....but all in all doing well. Have our next bio on 11/15- each Monday now....


  1. Yay! I'm glad both the boys are doing well.

  2. hhhmmmm....hair Luke and bald Will. I am telling you, you will have a baby Steve and baby Molly!!!! Love you and miss you!