So bored, heal incision,heal!

Well it has been a full week that I have been home, surgery almost two weeks ago. So glad to be home instead of at the hospital...but I am bored, feel like I am taking a day off work and I should be cleaning or laundry or something and I can't do anything. Well I can't push or pull or carry anything over 10 pounds, still working on bending over...yesterday Steve and I went to target and to eat lunch and I felt like it took me forever to get out of the car and around....oh well, got to keep reminding myself that it has not been 2 weeks yet...I am hoping to get to go back to work next week, 1/2 days only, but it will give me something to do and get back to normal..the full recovery is 6 weeks so I will take my time...hope you are all well..want to thank you for all of the support that I have gotten from friends and family...appreciate it! Talk soon


Picture of incision

Somehow it didn't download...let's try it again...I mean I only have time to waste..

I'm Home!!!!

It is so nice to be home, wow....I got home on Sunday, 1/17- a full 7 days in the hospital...not so fun. Surgery was Monday 1/11- 3 1/2 hour surgery..removed 40% of the tail end of my pancreas and removed my spleen since the tail end and spleen share the same blood vessel they both have to be removed..incision is 11" from left to right following the rib cage..I have to admit, I am sore but I am doing ok, taking it one day at a time..all my stomach muscles have been severed and getting back to normal will take at least 6 weeks..I can't bend over..my lower back is still really sore from the 40% of the pancreas being removed..I have dropped a lot of weight and am back to eating normally but very little...here is a picture of the incision....pretty crazy..they said that my tumor was the size of a nickel and noncancerous!!! Mayo was great- everyone was amazing..whole new look on the medical field...glad to be home...will be in touch soon guys!


Time had come...

Leaving for mayo on Sunday...I am really nervous about the surgery but ready for it to be here....I just want it to be over and for me to be feeling better...I had another set of issues this morning...I will not miss those...please keep me in your thoughts on Monday...I am checking into the hospital on Sunday night at 7...I will be staying the night due to my glucose levels..no food after midnight and my levels are too low to not be hooked up to an IV of glucose...so that is the plan..I am assuming surgery will be Monday morning but will know more once I am checked in...will keep you all posted! Chat once I am tumor free!


Happy New Year!

Hello all- happy 2010! Hope you all had a good new years eve...we did...our friend's Matt and Kadee got married...what a fun celebration. We went to the Doubletree in OP..stayed the night and just had a really good time. Steve stayed out until 5 am! He had a GREAT time....surgery is in a week from today, I am nervous...but anxious to feel better...well chat with you all soon!