What a big boy!!!

So on Tuesday night we got out the exersaucer as we have been thinking that maybe it was time to see if they liked it...Will not so much, I think his head is still a little wobbly- but mister Luke loves it!!! Got a snap shot of him last night in it....another consignment sale purchase- $30!! Anyways check him out...so cute!


Will, Baby B, Willie, Wide eye Will

Oh Will...my sweet sweet Will...he is a very calm baby, he only cries when he is hungry, I mean CRIES!! He likes his food...he is doing well with the eating, still nursing but not as often, but loves his milk anyway he can get it. He is so sweet, more shy than Luke, he has this sweet look in his eyes when he smiles...he is smiling and cooing and this weekend he really started talking...he has been a good sleeper- three nights in a row he slept for 10 hours straight. He is bigger than Luke- we are guessing he is about 13 pounds or so...he is more like his daddy- so calm and really doesn't get too worked up..this weekend my mother in law, Sherry, showed me a picture of Steve when he was about that age, they look IDENTICAL- it is pretty cool...I am blessed to have such sweet babies, they really are the light of my life along with their sweet Daddy...we are VERY blessed!

Luke- Baby A, Lukie, Little Luke

I am going to talk about each boy- as I have not really discussed their attitudes and everything...my "first born" a whole 11 minutes...he is a very needy baby, wants to be held and cries/fusses when he is not given attention....he has my side Basinger genes- he gets pissed very easy- he sweats and gets all worked up when he is crying long enough...he is my little doll baby, at almost 4 months he is out of his newborn sleepers- just this weekend! Now into 0-3 months!!! BIG BOY!!! He is so sweet, he loves his brother, he sits and smiles at Will and coos and laughs...he is the baby who is attached to me, baby bjorn is always on with him for me to get things done...he is really into nursing, since he really didn't start nursing until he was 2 months, he is into it, each morning from about 4-6 he is nursing in bed with me. He sleeps ok, I think he is just so small maybe 10.5 pounds?? He is tiny- he sleeps from 8-2 then wakes and eats while I pump then I put him down then he wakes again at 4 and sleeps with me until 6- nursing the whole time! He is my little dude- a little bit more demanding but oh so sweet!


New picture

So my brother in law's parents bought these cute little frog outfits for the boys- check out the matching shoes! So darling!! HAPPY FRIDAY ALL



Ok so last night was our first night in almost 3 1/2 months of sleep!!! REAL SLEEP- the boys slept a total of 8 hours each!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?? We put Will down at 8 and then Luke followed at like 8:15- I woke up at 3 am due to my boobs KILLING me since I hadn't pumped since 8...checked the monitor and both were still snoozing, so I fell back asleep- at 3:45 Luke woke and at 4 Will....AMAZING! I feel so well rested, I went to bed right at 8:30 and Steve stayed up until 11- I told him that he must not be that tired if he can stay up..but me, nope so tired, I fell right to sleep and woke up really well rested....anyways had to share the news....thank you lord, please lets make this into a nightly routine! :)


3 months old!

So yesterday the boys turned 3 months old and I turned 30!!! I had the day off so I went shopping with my mom and the boys- it was fun, here are some 3 month shots of the little dudes

First day of daycare

So boys are going to daycare Wed and Friday's- our daycare sent us some pictures...you tell me if they like it or not?? :)


Boys Baptism

So we got the boys baptized on Saturday- all went well....little guys didn't even cry once....here are some pictures of them!