Ok so last night was our first night in almost 3 1/2 months of sleep!!! REAL SLEEP- the boys slept a total of 8 hours each!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?? We put Will down at 8 and then Luke followed at like 8:15- I woke up at 3 am due to my boobs KILLING me since I hadn't pumped since 8...checked the monitor and both were still snoozing, so I fell back asleep- at 3:45 Luke woke and at 4 Will....AMAZING! I feel so well rested, I went to bed right at 8:30 and Steve stayed up until 11- I told him that he must not be that tired if he can stay up..but me, nope so tired, I fell right to sleep and woke up really well rested....anyways had to share the news....thank you lord, please lets make this into a nightly routine! :)

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