Will, Baby B, Willie, Wide eye Will

Oh Will...my sweet sweet Will...he is a very calm baby, he only cries when he is hungry, I mean CRIES!! He likes his food...he is doing well with the eating, still nursing but not as often, but loves his milk anyway he can get it. He is so sweet, more shy than Luke, he has this sweet look in his eyes when he smiles...he is smiling and cooing and this weekend he really started talking...he has been a good sleeper- three nights in a row he slept for 10 hours straight. He is bigger than Luke- we are guessing he is about 13 pounds or so...he is more like his daddy- so calm and really doesn't get too worked up..this weekend my mother in law, Sherry, showed me a picture of Steve when he was about that age, they look IDENTICAL- it is pretty cool...I am blessed to have such sweet babies, they really are the light of my life along with their sweet Daddy...we are VERY blessed!

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