Luke- Baby A, Lukie, Little Luke

I am going to talk about each boy- as I have not really discussed their attitudes and everything...my "first born" a whole 11 minutes...he is a very needy baby, wants to be held and cries/fusses when he is not given attention....he has my side Basinger genes- he gets pissed very easy- he sweats and gets all worked up when he is crying long enough...he is my little doll baby, at almost 4 months he is out of his newborn sleepers- just this weekend! Now into 0-3 months!!! BIG BOY!!! He is so sweet, he loves his brother, he sits and smiles at Will and coos and laughs...he is the baby who is attached to me, baby bjorn is always on with him for me to get things done...he is really into nursing, since he really didn't start nursing until he was 2 months, he is into it, each morning from about 4-6 he is nursing in bed with me. He sleeps ok, I think he is just so small maybe 10.5 pounds?? He is tiny- he sleeps from 8-2 then wakes and eats while I pump then I put him down then he wakes again at 4 and sleeps with me until 6- nursing the whole time! He is my little dude- a little bit more demanding but oh so sweet!

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