A day in the life of Molly and Steve

I normally do my grocery shopping on Saturday mornings at Target by myself. Steve watches the boys and I am back within 45 minutes or so. I get back and Steve is sweating and looking REALLY tired- see the dialogue below-

Me: Hey, I'm back, what is going on?

Steve: Well Molly, it has been quite a morning- Luke got the milk carton lid stuck in his mouth and started puking- like depths of hell puking, everything came up.

Me: WHAT??

Steve: Oh there is more, so in the process of cleaning me and Luke up, Will took off his diaper and pissed down the AC vent

Me: How does this stuff happen to you, I was only gone for 45 minutes????

Steve: I know, I have no idea how this happens. The AC Vent is the one that is taped down since they run around with the vents, so we can't even clean it.

Me: Oh this is the life!!!

Yep this is what happens on a daily basis. Yesterday they were sticking their fingers in/up Chloe, our Rotts, bottom- As I was cleaning poop off of the carpet, Luke pushed the bar stool that holds the highchair over and it landed on my back. Yep- knocked the wind out of me and I am bruised. Seriously??

For you people that ask when are we having another child- N E V E R!!!!! I love them to pieces but holy cow they are kicking my butt!!!