Anna's shower

One of my besties, Anna, was in town for her bridal shower which I helped throw on Sunday- it was so good to see her and visit with all the girls...she is living in Wichita now..she made a big move from NY! She is getting married in Punta Cana- DR July 2nd- so excited for her...


Getting ready for the weekend...

Ugh so all day yesterday I thought it was Friday...bummer- so needless to say I am ready for the weekend and so our my buddies!! HOW FREAKING CUTE...Thanks grandma Sherry AKA Nana for the glasses- they love them, well Will not so much, he was ready to get out- again my mom took these pictures yesterday- too funny


My mom took some cute pictures of the boys in their matching zipper pj's which I just love....so sweet- thanks momma for taking such great care of my boys! They just love their gramma bon-bon or bonzo!!


Making baby food-

So I started last night to make some baby food- I took two apples and peeled them and cored them and then cut them up and boiled them to soften them, then placed them in my blender- my mom bought me a baby bullet- http://www.babybullet.com/ I have not looked into that as of yet since I do not want to make too much food and waste it- this is all new to me and my little dudes. So last night I made Applesauce- blended it up and put in formula to thin it out, I had a formula bottle ready for their night time feeding and used about 2 oz of it...it turned out FABULOUS...I got a homemade baby making cookbook and BPA free storage containers- so I placed the puree in the containers and froze them and tonight I will take one "cube" out and feed both boys- last night Will was sitting in his bumbo next to me while I was making it, so I gave him 6 spoonfuls of the apple and he loved it, made a funny face at first but then enjoyed it...so tonight I am making pears...we shall see! It is fun!


Bumbo boys!

So we got the bumbos for the boys- and they love them and we love them!!! We have started more rice cereal feedings tonight I am making applesauce to put in with the cereal- so I will let you all know how that goes. Things have been really good with us..Will is sleeping like a freaking champ!!! 10 to 11 hours for the last 3 nights- we are feeling really good about that. Luke is still going from 8-2 then I nurse him for about 20 minutes and then put him back in bed and he will sleep until like 6 so that is good, just wish he would sleep the entire night, but he is working on it- speaking of working on it- the tooth is in full effect and I think that his second tooth bottom right is starting to come in too- my gosh, poor buddy! Still no teeth for Will....


Classic comments about twins

So I read a couple other blogs of twin moms and it is funny they all say the same thing when it comes to comments on twins- or when I am out with the twins by myself or Steve and I are out with them...people stare at us, I mean just have a constant stare, I smile and move on...here is a classic example, Sunday Steve and I wanted Chipotle for lunch, so we packed up the boys and went. We parked the car, Steve was a head of me holding Luke in his car seat and I had just gotten Will out of the Jeep, there was a mom leaving the parking lot and she looked at me in her mini van and worded "W O W"- I laughed.

I get comments on "how do you take care of two I could barely take care of my one"-
"my kids are 16 months apart that is pretty much like having twins"- um, no not at all-you have one baby and one toddler, a toddler that can walk and talk and all of that which I am sure is super hard, but it is not the same thing- we have two at the same age, two needing the same thing at the same time.
The best is, "so you have two so you are done right?" Well not really sure if we are done- I mean they are only 4 months old...thinking of having another baby is not even in my mind right now...I would love to have a baby girl, but that is not guaranteed and three boys sound like a ton of work- we will not even start to talk about having another baby until the boys are two..I WILL NOT HAVE THREE KIDS IN DIAPERS--- also not even sure if I can get pregnant on my own, so we shall see what is in God's plan
"Are they twins?" Seriously?? Yes
"Were they conceived natural" again, Seriously? I don't even know these people that well, most are clients of mine, but come on...guess they are looking to see if I had IVF or something...
"If you do have another child, one baby will be so much easier than two"- not sure how to answer that...we will still have twins, there will always be two babies/toddlers/kids to look after- so I think it will be hard no matter what...but I do think that if we had just one right now that I would not be so tired and so overwhelmed at moments- I mean Steve and I always have a baby, there is no rest- we are always busy.

There are many more things, but I just find it funny when people tell me these things, just have to laugh!

My buddies!! :)

Hello all....so last night I got a chance to take some pictures of my dudes! And yes-Luke has a tooth!!! Can't believe it- just starting to poke through....anyways here are some new updated pictures of my boys, couldn't get a picture of the tooth, but got some good ones of the boys. Have a good day everyone!



So I have not been able to take a picture of Luke's somewhat tooth, but I will try tonight....I think he is getting one poking through. Poor guy has had it rough, he is drooling a ton and always sticking something in his mouth- the last night I was sitting on the couch with him and pulled his li back and noticed a little white area-I think a tooth is forming! Will keep you posted!


First full night

Oh my I am so happy...last night we put Luke down at 7:30 and Will at 8:00- I went to bed at 8:30-8:45..said good night to Steve kissed him and dozed off waiting to be awoken to Luke crying at 1 or 2 am- but what did I wake up to???? Steve waking me up at 5:15- "Molly, is the monitor on? Why don't you have Luke? Did you wake up? I then think, oh my gosh, did I wake up, what happened- so I look on the monitor and see that Luke is facing the other direction all the way at the other end of the crib- so I go in and see that he is sleeping away, then I check on Will who is sleeping away...so no baby woke me up, my boobs didn't wake me up since the last 5 nights I have not been pumping- just nursing, so it was just perfect! I can't believe it, really I can't. So let's hope that we are reaching a turning point, which I am sure that we are not- but last night was just wonderful!!!!!


4 Months Old

So the boys are almost 4 months old- tomorrow....can't believe how much they have changed. Things are going really well, they are sleeping fairly well- Luke last night did 8:30 to 4:30 and Will did the same. I am still breast feeding, mainly pumping- nursing Luke every morning- very happy with how well my milk has continued to feed these little boogers. We are doing formula twice a day but the rest of the feedings are my milk. They are really starting to notice each other and laugh and coo- it is a really fun age. Luke is still in newborn clothes- sometimes he gets to wear 0-3 months, size one diapers. Will is in 0-3 months still- almost into 3-6, but just not there yet- diapers size 1-2

Luke- 10 pounds 12 oz- 23 inches long- not really on the charts for % yet
Will- 12 pounds 12 oz- 24 1/2 inches long- 20% on weight and 25% on height


Pregnancy pictures

So I was looking through my camera and totally forgot to upload these pictures- they were taken the night of my induction, January 6...it is strange to look at my belly being that large. I will admit, I miss being pregnant- it is such an amazing thing...total miracle that I grew two babies in that belly. I enjoy looking at these pictures, maybe someday we will have another baby, naturally- never again will we take clomid, I am glad that we did take it as it gave me my two beautiful sons, but I don't think I could handle another twin pregnancy and birth and nicu and all that comes with the twins....a total blessing from God that is for sure...

Rice cereal time...

So since the boys are almost 4 months old and Will has been eating almost 6 oz every 3 hours we thought that maybe it would be time to try rice cereal...so for all of you that don't have babies or babies are too small...the measurments are one tablespoon cereal to 4-5 tablespoons breast milk- so it is really running- and it TOOK FOREVER FOR THEM TO EAT IT...I assumed it would take a while since they are so use to sucking then swallowing, there is no sucking involved in this process- but all in all it went well- about 25 minutes on each baby, Steve fed them while I took pictures...it was fun. They have their 4 month check up tomorrow so I will post on that as well once we know the weights..here are some pics of my handsome boys eating their cereal- Will couldn't eat it fast enough, each time Steve scooped up more he started to wine- then he said " LAY OFF ME I'M STARVING"


Hair cut

So Steve stayed home with the twins on Monday as my mom and dad are in Mexico and mom is to watch the boys on Monday...so I got an email from Steve with subject line "Guess what is different about me" then this shot...big boy got a hair cut from daddy...looks pretty good! Nice job Daddy!!!