Rice cereal time...

So since the boys are almost 4 months old and Will has been eating almost 6 oz every 3 hours we thought that maybe it would be time to try rice cereal...so for all of you that don't have babies or babies are too small...the measurments are one tablespoon cereal to 4-5 tablespoons breast milk- so it is really running- and it TOOK FOREVER FOR THEM TO EAT IT...I assumed it would take a while since they are so use to sucking then swallowing, there is no sucking involved in this process- but all in all it went well- about 25 minutes on each baby, Steve fed them while I took pictures...it was fun. They have their 4 month check up tomorrow so I will post on that as well once we know the weights..here are some pics of my handsome boys eating their cereal- Will couldn't eat it fast enough, each time Steve scooped up more he started to wine- then he said " LAY OFF ME I'M STARVING"

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  1. What big boys you have! Jamie didn't get into solids until 6 almost 7 months! And he NEVER liked the cereals! In fact I have a box of rice and oatmeal if you'd like it?? I also have a ton of Earth's Best carrots....he doesn't do well with them and I hate to just throw them out! Let me know if you're interested. We MUST do a play date soon!