Making baby food-

So I started last night to make some baby food- I took two apples and peeled them and cored them and then cut them up and boiled them to soften them, then placed them in my blender- my mom bought me a baby bullet- http://www.babybullet.com/ I have not looked into that as of yet since I do not want to make too much food and waste it- this is all new to me and my little dudes. So last night I made Applesauce- blended it up and put in formula to thin it out, I had a formula bottle ready for their night time feeding and used about 2 oz of it...it turned out FABULOUS...I got a homemade baby making cookbook and BPA free storage containers- so I placed the puree in the containers and froze them and tonight I will take one "cube" out and feed both boys- last night Will was sitting in his bumbo next to me while I was making it, so I gave him 6 spoonfuls of the apple and he loved it, made a funny face at first but then enjoyed it...so tonight I am making pears...we shall see! It is fun!


  1. Hey, I have two more of those cube storage thingies. Don't let me forget to give them to you tomorrow!

  2. You are such a GREAT mom!! I never tried to make baby food. Just bought it right off the shelf!! Good for you momma! Oh and I L.O.V.E. the new look of the blog!!