Bumbo boys!

So we got the bumbos for the boys- and they love them and we love them!!! We have started more rice cereal feedings tonight I am making applesauce to put in with the cereal- so I will let you all know how that goes. Things have been really good with us..Will is sleeping like a freaking champ!!! 10 to 11 hours for the last 3 nights- we are feeling really good about that. Luke is still going from 8-2 then I nurse him for about 20 minutes and then put him back in bed and he will sleep until like 6 so that is good, just wish he would sleep the entire night, but he is working on it- speaking of working on it- the tooth is in full effect and I think that his second tooth bottom right is starting to come in too- my gosh, poor buddy! Still no teeth for Will....

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