4 Months Old

So the boys are almost 4 months old- tomorrow....can't believe how much they have changed. Things are going really well, they are sleeping fairly well- Luke last night did 8:30 to 4:30 and Will did the same. I am still breast feeding, mainly pumping- nursing Luke every morning- very happy with how well my milk has continued to feed these little boogers. We are doing formula twice a day but the rest of the feedings are my milk. They are really starting to notice each other and laugh and coo- it is a really fun age. Luke is still in newborn clothes- sometimes he gets to wear 0-3 months, size one diapers. Will is in 0-3 months still- almost into 3-6, but just not there yet- diapers size 1-2

Luke- 10 pounds 12 oz- 23 inches long- not really on the charts for % yet
Will- 12 pounds 12 oz- 24 1/2 inches long- 20% on weight and 25% on height

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