14 weeks

Well on Sunday...so far so good. Just got back from my appointment- current weight is now 138! Gained 6 pounds in 28 days...yikes! She said that is normal, she wants me to gain 40-50 pounds since I am having twins...speaking of them, heard both of their heart beats...so cool! They are almost on top of each other- on my left side. Finding out the sex next...August 27! So excited for that day....will be almost 18 weeks then. Will have some pictures soon... :)


Changing table in progress

Steve is making a changing table for the babies...he is almost done, it looks really good. He is a hard worker...he wanted to make something for them and this was a brillant idea! My sister in law is giving us her crib/dresser but we had no changing table so Steve made one....so this will work for a while as we plan on keeping the twins in the same room for a while...but here are some pictures to share!


12 weeks one day!

Can't believe that I am almost into my 2nd trimester! Time is flying by- starting to feel a little better- not as sick. But still super tired and just not that much energy....no belly pics as nothing really more is happening...but I did want to post this- my best friend, Whitney, sent this to me via email...this is what the babies look like in my belly- so so strange, but so cool!


Letting it all sink in...

So I am thinking of life with two babies- it is just so surreal to be thinking about it all....but gosh are we thrilled! My fear is will I love one more than the other? I know that I will not, but you know what I mean...I have three friends/people that I know of who have had fraternal twins- each a boy and girl...they have helped me out with answering many questions- do I keep them on a schedule for feeding- if one wakes up do I wake up the other? Everyone says yes- so I am going to do that...then about sharing a crib and then delivery..c-section or natural?? All depends on where the babies are placed...but we are thrilled! Just so overwhelmed with it...the not knowing..by I have a WONDERFUL OB who will help me out with all of this. The major thing is that I will be having them early- at least by 37 weeks...so that is something to think about as well....plan plan and more planning...we will be ready for the adventure! Take care and more belly pictures shortly!


11 weeks pregnant

Well here I am- 11 weeks pregnant- I am already starting to show, but I guess that is expected with twins. Here are some pictures of me and the belly- also Brody our dog- he wanted in the shot...

Weight gain- current weight is 132- I am down about 4 pounds from pre-pregnancy

Symptoms- The morning sickness is much better- I am taking unisom and B6 at night and waking up feeling much better...thanks to my OB for giving me that idea. Waking up at 2 or 3 am to pee each morning

Sex of baby- well we are having twins and we will be finding out the sex in about 5 - weeks or so- Hoping to have one of each so that we can have our Luke and Lucy


Expecting THEIR arrival in January

That is right we are having TWINS!! Can you believe it? Both are really healthy- baby a has heart beat of 156 and baby b has heart beat of 172- baby b seemed really wild! So now our due date is January 30th and we are for sure finding out the sexes....so there you have it...Molly has two little babies in her belly! Thank you God! Here are the pics- so exciting!


So much for round two of clomid....

I'M PREGNANT!!!! I took a test on June 2nd- ok I took 4 tests they all came out positive...so exciting. We got confirmation from the doctor- they say that I am due 2/1/2011! We have our first ultra sound on Friday July 9th to see if we are having one baby or two...there is a 10% chance of having twins due to taking clomid. My OB thinks that it is one...we heard the heartbeat last Friday- 160 Beats per minute. We are not finding out the sex...we do have the names picked out- Lucy Elizabeth and Luke Thomas- so we are calling it baby L until we find out. We are so thrilled, almost still in shock that it actually happened as I filled the script for the second round of clomid. We are blessed after everything that I have been through medically that this can happen- what a miracle! Keep you posted on the number and maybe post a little picture of baby L- 10 weeks yesterday!