So much for round two of clomid....

I'M PREGNANT!!!! I took a test on June 2nd- ok I took 4 tests they all came out positive...so exciting. We got confirmation from the doctor- they say that I am due 2/1/2011! We have our first ultra sound on Friday July 9th to see if we are having one baby or two...there is a 10% chance of having twins due to taking clomid. My OB thinks that it is one...we heard the heartbeat last Friday- 160 Beats per minute. We are not finding out the sex...we do have the names picked out- Lucy Elizabeth and Luke Thomas- so we are calling it baby L until we find out. We are so thrilled, almost still in shock that it actually happened as I filled the script for the second round of clomid. We are blessed after everything that I have been through medically that this can happen- what a miracle! Keep you posted on the number and maybe post a little picture of baby L- 10 weeks yesterday!

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  1. Yaayyyy! Don't forget to take photos of your belly and post pics each week! I wanna see the progress.

    And you're not finding out the sex? Jeez, Mol, how can you do this to me! I wanna know! Oh well, it will be exciting to find out on baby's actual bday :)

    Can't wait for Baby L to get here. SOOOO excited for my best friend to be a mama!