12 weeks one day!

Can't believe that I am almost into my 2nd trimester! Time is flying by- starting to feel a little better- not as sick. But still super tired and just not that much energy....no belly pics as nothing really more is happening...but I did want to post this- my best friend, Whitney, sent this to me via email...this is what the babies look like in my belly- so so strange, but so cool!


  1. love..love...love the new blog!!! And you too of course!!! Miss you honey...pat that belly for me!

  2. Such exciting news for you and Steve! Your household will be making a big change in 2011! ;-) Best wishes as you plan for two little additions to your family!

  3. That picture really is amazing! They'll be here before you know it!

    And who did your new blog design? It is AMAZING! hehehe.