Letting it all sink in...

So I am thinking of life with two babies- it is just so surreal to be thinking about it all....but gosh are we thrilled! My fear is will I love one more than the other? I know that I will not, but you know what I mean...I have three friends/people that I know of who have had fraternal twins- each a boy and girl...they have helped me out with answering many questions- do I keep them on a schedule for feeding- if one wakes up do I wake up the other? Everyone says yes- so I am going to do that...then about sharing a crib and then delivery..c-section or natural?? All depends on where the babies are placed...but we are thrilled! Just so overwhelmed with it...the not knowing..by I have a WONDERFUL OB who will help me out with all of this. The major thing is that I will be having them early- at least by 37 weeks...so that is something to think about as well....plan plan and more planning...we will be ready for the adventure! Take care and more belly pictures shortly!

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  1. You'll be fine, Mol. You are going to have many freak out moments during this pregnancy where you think, "THERE IS NO WAY I CAN HANDLE THIS!" But when they arrive you will have no time to think about "how do I do this?" You just do it and learn as you go!

    Plus, you have so many great family members and friends waiting at the sidelines to help. I hope to be there for you whenever I can!