Grandma Bon-Bon and the boys

My parents stopped by for sunday dinner after getting back from a week long trip to Costa Rica. It was good to see them, they missed the boys! They are so brown and I am so jealous! Here is a picture of brown Grandma Bon Bon and the boys!


Two busy boys!

The boys have been into EVERYTHING lately...getting on top of furniture and just very interested in many things. The new thing is to pull our blinds up and look outside to the front street. I got a couple of shots this morning. So stinking cute. I go outside and knock on the window and they really love that! Enjoy!


Babies One Year Stats

We went to the doctor yesterday for the shots for the first year and for the weight and height check ups.

LUKE- weighing in at 16.8 pounds and height of 28"- we have a small one here!!! I was worried about how small he is- not even on the % charts. Doctor said he is just going to be a small dude. He is now walking so he will burn even more calories. But he is healthy! That is all that matters.
He has 7 teeth- 4 top and 3 on bottom and is loving all sorts of food and the whole milk. Loves popcorn and any fruit. He can say "ball and hot." He can wave bye. He is in size 6-9 and 6-12 month clothes. Size 3 diaper. Finally sleeping 12 hour stretches, 7 to 7.

WILL- weighing in at 21 pounds even 25% and height of 30 1/4" 10%. Will is almost running now. He has the walking down since he has been walking for about a month now. He has 8 teeth- 4 top and 4 bottom. This boy will eat ANYTHING. Strawberries and hot dogs are a fav now. He can say "ball, hot, uh-oh" He is in 12-18 month clothes. Size 3 diaper. Still sleeping like a champ!! 12-13 each night


2 years ago today

I was in Mayo Clinic getting ready to enter the OR for a 4 1/2 hour surgery to remove the tumor in my pancreas. I can't believe it has been two years already. I can sit here today and type and state that I am healthy, well healthy enough to not be having to take insulin, I have been some what sick due to not having a spleen since they had to remove it as well as 40% of my pancreas. All in all two years later with two healthy happy babies and a wonderful husband and a nice new warm house! I think life is pretty great, God is pretty great! I am so thankful for him and all of his blessings that he has granted us with. Happy Two years to me and to feeling better.....


The BIG one! First Birthday Blowout

Saturday January 7th was the boys first birthday. We had a HUGE party for them at our house over 60 people. I may have invited too many people, but nevertheless it was a really good time. The boys had such a great time. My co-worker's wife, Hillary made the cakes for the boys as their gift. Great gift I must say....I will have the boys "stats" on Wednesday after I take them into the doctor. Here are some pictures until then. Happy birthday my sweet boys!

I did a big mommy no-no and only got my picture with one of the boys. Oops- throwing a party time slips away and I completely forgot to get one with Luke- sorry buddy!


New Year, New Chairs

The boys first birthday's are on Saturday...I just can't believe that they are one. One year has passed by already? Fastest year of my life! Best year of my life!! Anyways, their nana and poo (Steve's parent's) got them the cutest Pottery Barn Kids "big" boy personalized chairs- so funny! They love them and so do we. Thanks guys!