The BIG one! First Birthday Blowout

Saturday January 7th was the boys first birthday. We had a HUGE party for them at our house over 60 people. I may have invited too many people, but nevertheless it was a really good time. The boys had such a great time. My co-worker's wife, Hillary made the cakes for the boys as their gift. Great gift I must say....I will have the boys "stats" on Wednesday after I take them into the doctor. Here are some pictures until then. Happy birthday my sweet boys!

I did a big mommy no-no and only got my picture with one of the boys. Oops- throwing a party time slips away and I completely forgot to get one with Luke- sorry buddy!


  1. I had such a good time, Mol. It was such a great party. I enjoyed watching the boys smash their cakes :)

  2. Awww!! Happy Birthday Luke and Will!! I looooved their cakes and crowns!

    And happy "you survived your first year of motherhood" to you! Now go have a glass (or two!) of wine!!