Mayo said it is an.....

Insulinoma! BOO! I went to mayo 12/22-12/24 and they did all the testing and ultrasound and CT scan and found the tumor...it is on the center of my pancreas...they are hoping to remove the tumor, but it is very close to the pancreatic duct so they may be removing the tail end of the pancreas...surgery is set for January 11th...I am mixed on my emotions..I am glad that they found it but nervous for my surgery....have to have it though, can't continue like this. So there you have it....first Christmas with my husband and we got this news on 12/23...oh well, what can you do about it? Keep me in your minds...I will be in the hospital from 1/10-1/18 and then a 6 week recovery...will be back in touch!



Hey all!

I promised some of you that I would post some honeymoon pics...so here they are! We went to Cabo San Lucas for 8 days...it was such a cool place...we will for sure be going back some day...really nice people and such a beautiful place to go! The weather was perfect, well maybe a little too hot, it was like 97 everyday, got a great tan that is for sure....check em out!


Newlywed for almost 2 months now!

This is a new thing for me...starting a blog, my best friend has one and my sister and I thought that I should start one...why not right? Well I got married almost two months ago October 24th...so happy to be a wife...I have longed for that....and now I am! My husband is my rock, he is the most supportive and caring man...I am lucky to have him. It has been a rough couple of months to start out a marriage, my health has not been that well. In September I started to feel really strange, woke up not knowing where I was or what day it was..I mean I am 28 should know that stuff right? Woke up dizzy and confused, so I thought it was birth control or my sleeping pills, thought that nothing could be wrong with me, again I am a healthy 28 year old woman. So the morning of my wedding, my sweet dear friend Anna, stayed with me in the hotel room I woke up with my whole left side including face numb..fell out of bed. My face was drooping and it was not a pretty site- so I spent two hours at the hospital the morning of my wedding, they checked me out and said that I was hypoglycemic- now it turns out that I may have a tumor on my pancreas- insulinoma, so I am going to mayo clinic next Tuesday, fingers crossed that they find something and get me well...my husband, Steve has been great- he makes jokes that he married a lemon...I was in perfect health, no issues until this all started....so say a little prayer that they find something! Will keep you all posted....