Newlywed for almost 2 months now!

This is a new thing for me...starting a blog, my best friend has one and my sister and I thought that I should start one...why not right? Well I got married almost two months ago October 24th...so happy to be a wife...I have longed for that....and now I am! My husband is my rock, he is the most supportive and caring man...I am lucky to have him. It has been a rough couple of months to start out a marriage, my health has not been that well. In September I started to feel really strange, woke up not knowing where I was or what day it was..I mean I am 28 should know that stuff right? Woke up dizzy and confused, so I thought it was birth control or my sleeping pills, thought that nothing could be wrong with me, again I am a healthy 28 year old woman. So the morning of my wedding, my sweet dear friend Anna, stayed with me in the hotel room I woke up with my whole left side including face numb..fell out of bed. My face was drooping and it was not a pretty site- so I spent two hours at the hospital the morning of my wedding, they checked me out and said that I was hypoglycemic- now it turns out that I may have a tumor on my pancreas- insulinoma, so I am going to mayo clinic next Tuesday, fingers crossed that they find something and get me well...my husband, Steve has been great- he makes jokes that he married a lemon...I was in perfect health, no issues until this all started....so say a little prayer that they find something! Will keep you all posted....


  1. Hi Yeah Honey!!! Love that you have a blog!!! Miss you and can't wait to see you.

  2. Love you, Mol. And LOVE that you started a blog! I am praying for you and hoping that you find an answer to your medical woes soon! Now please come follow me and start commenting! You know you want to ; )