Friday Fun Day!

So Luke is CRAWLING- all over the place...Will is wanting to but not there yet- so funny...here are some pics of my little men this morning! So happy it is Friday, I miss them!


Creatures of the night- GO AWAY!!

Steve: Molly, there is a noise in the attic- I think we have a mouse or squirrel
Me: Crap....well set some traps I guess
Steve: Traps are empty and I still hear the noise
Me: I will call a pest control company
Steve: No, Molly, that is a waste of money- I can take care of this
Me: I already called them they are coming Monday

Pest Guy up in the attic Monday morning
Me: Do you see anything?
Pest guy: Yep
Me: Well??
Pest Guy: Bats, you have bats

There is just the beginning of this whole bat mess....Monday night me and Steve and Pest guy- AKA BAT MAN are sitting outside our house waiting for dusk to see these bats fly out of the attic and to shut the area so that they will not fly back in...we wait, and wait- 9:05 pm- two fly out and fly low- too close to me, I freak out and go inside and check on the sleeping babies and wash my face
9:25- I hear the bat man on the roof- I go outside and continue my convo with Steve

Steve: 31
Me: 31 what?
Steve: Bats- we counted 31 bats came out of our attic, Molly
Steve: Nope- 31...crazy huh?

We paid the bat man and went upstairs and I stood in the closet area below our attic and heard more! DAMN IT....so tonight Steve has to remove the screened area and put a one way trap door- so that the other bats can leave the attic and not fly back in...they can't figure out how to get back in, but will continue to leave to hunt in the middle of the night....so we shall see.

End of the night convo with my hubs

Me: Good night, I love you
Steve: Thank for being on top of this- I love you bat woman!


Weekend pics

We had a nice relaxing weekend...poor Will has just been a mess with his two bottom teeth, I feel really bad for the little dude. He is in major pain...the roles have reversed a little- Luke has been really easy and Will is a little more difficult these days...oh well, at least Will is sleeping through the night still...you hear that Luke, SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT PLEASE!!!!
Anyways, here are some cute pics of my babies, in their ADORABLE outfits from Gymboree- thanks mom and dad.



Let's all go to the ball game

Yep- we did it...we went to the Royal's game on Sunday...it WAS so hot- thank goodness our seats were in the shade, no wind but no sun. We were able to stay for about an hour in an half- it was fun. My mom got the boys matching Royal's outfits which were just too cute, Steve said that he wished that he had one....it was a fun Sunday....


6 months old-

182 days, 6 months or 1/2 of a year- holy cow!!! I just can't believe it....my sweet babies are getting so big!!! Oh so sweet and so in love our we. So strange to think about our lives before their arrival, yes we are tired, yes at moments competley overwhelmed, but we are SO blessed and SO in love with these little guys. Let's see where are we on markers/milestones-

LUKE- CURRENT WEIGHT AND HEIGHT- 13 pounds/ 24 inches
FINALLY slept through the entire night a full 10 hour sleep without waking up...
He is able to get up on all 4's- rocks back and forth, crawling will be soon....
Currently eating 6 6oz bottles a day- still nursing but mainly pumping my milk...
Eats homemade baby food two times a day- 2 2oz cubes 2 times daily....
Rolls all over the place from front to back.....
Has 2 teeth on the bottom, we can see another two on the bottom coming in....
Loves to laugh, loves his belly, arm pits and cheeks to be kissed or tickled....
Is a total dog lover, he thinks, Chloe is HILARIOUS and we think that is HILARIOUS..
Just got out of 0-3 month clothing- 3-6 months here we come...FINALLY....
Just got out of size 1 diapers- now into 2's which are way too big.......

WILL- CURRENT WEIGHT AND HEIGHT- 15 pounds 14 oz/ 25 1/2 in
Been sleeping throughout the night for almost 2 months..........
Not able to get up on all 4's yet...but close....................
Currently eating 6 7oz bottles a day- no nursing anymore, pumping my milk only....
Eats homemade baby food two times a day- 2 2oz cubes 2 times daily....
Rolls all over the place from front to back.....
Has his first bottom left tooth poking through.......
Loves to laugh, loves his belly, arm pits and cheeks to be kissed or tickled....
Currently wearing 3-6 month clothes almost in 6-9 month clothes
Currently in size 2 diapers and they fit him just right.


YES- you read that right...we did it!!!! Luke did not wake up at all last night...glory glory hallelujah. I woke up at 2:45 wondering what was the deal, turned on the monitored and checked them both out, sleeping and just so peaceful, so I went back to bed...Luke slept from 7:45 pm to 5:45 am!! Will has been sleeping for almost 2 full months now, but this was just so great- let's PRAY that this continues...we go to the doctor today for the 6 month check up, tomorrow is their 6 month b-day...check in for that post! :)


Our 4th of July,,

Oh so glad to be home...we took our first "family" trip- we drove to Lima, Ohio- I was born there and my whole family...mom and dad's side live there, main reason we went back was for my only living grandma's 90th birthday, my dad's mom...who I just adore and miss so so much! It was great to see everyone from aunts and uncles to cousins, 1st- 2nd and even 3rd cousins! We had a really great time...the ride, not so much...it was horrid, the boys were pretty much a mess...god love them though, they did the best that they could for being in their car seats for so long. Anyways, here are some pictures of our weekend! :)