Creatures of the night- GO AWAY!!

Steve: Molly, there is a noise in the attic- I think we have a mouse or squirrel
Me: Crap....well set some traps I guess
Steve: Traps are empty and I still hear the noise
Me: I will call a pest control company
Steve: No, Molly, that is a waste of money- I can take care of this
Me: I already called them they are coming Monday

Pest Guy up in the attic Monday morning
Me: Do you see anything?
Pest guy: Yep
Me: Well??
Pest Guy: Bats, you have bats

There is just the beginning of this whole bat mess....Monday night me and Steve and Pest guy- AKA BAT MAN are sitting outside our house waiting for dusk to see these bats fly out of the attic and to shut the area so that they will not fly back in...we wait, and wait- 9:05 pm- two fly out and fly low- too close to me, I freak out and go inside and check on the sleeping babies and wash my face
9:25- I hear the bat man on the roof- I go outside and continue my convo with Steve

Steve: 31
Me: 31 what?
Steve: Bats- we counted 31 bats came out of our attic, Molly
Steve: Nope- 31...crazy huh?

We paid the bat man and went upstairs and I stood in the closet area below our attic and heard more! DAMN IT....so tonight Steve has to remove the screened area and put a one way trap door- so that the other bats can leave the attic and not fly back in...they can't figure out how to get back in, but will continue to leave to hunt in the middle of the night....so we shall see.

End of the night convo with my hubs

Me: Good night, I love you
Steve: Thank for being on top of this- I love you bat woman!


  1. I still can't believe you have bats too!! 31...OMG! We have NO clue how many we have since the area where they are is too small for a person and I haven't been brave enough to go out and watch for them!

    At least you didn't have any IN your house. I still don't sleep well at night for fear one is going to attack me!

  2. My Parents had, maybe still have, a ton of bats in their attic. I used to catch them all the time in high school so let me know if you need help.

  3. I know a great pest control company that's very reasonable if you have to have 'em back. American Pest Management. Small biz, reasonably priced, took care of the squirrel in the attic at MaeMae's. Well, I'd heard the squirrel and the guy saw evidence but Mr. Squirrel was out cavorting so the pest guy put some screen over the attic vent, which was bent, and end of problem. Yucko on the bats! Hope you can sleep peacefully soon!