Me and my boys

Here is a shot of all three of us- my friend, Molly gave them these cute little outfits- we love them!!


Some new pics of boys

So they are 6 weeks old and doing well- things are getting a little better- still overwhelming but they are on the same feeding schedule at night every 3 hours- I have a hands free pumping bar that my friend Molly gave me- THANKS MOL- anyways I strap that on and feed both boys by bottle at the 3 hour feedings- it is a lot of work, but it is going good- the boys are eating 4 oz each feeding so my milk supply is not able to keep up, so we are giving one bottle of formula each night, I may have to do more formula but I am still getting milk which is good...anyways here are some pics of my boys- Steve too!


Some more pictures

Here are some more pictures of the boys- these shirts were just too much for me, had to take a picture of them...


Happy Valentines Day

My mom got the boys these cute outfits with matching shoes- so so cute. I had my 5 week appointment today and all is good- healing really well and almost back down to my pre pregnancy size have 5 more pounds to go! We swung by the nicu to say hello to all the nurses, it was nice to see them again- here are some pics of the boys- Luke was not in the mood today for pictures- talk soon



So thet are one month old! It has been a hard one month, so worth it but so so hard...I really never expected it to be like this...it is all about them all the time..I have no time for myself, showers are a blessing!!! But I am so happy, really I am- even though I am not getting any sleep...they are growing and eating a ton all the time...here are a couple of pics of them at one month old- would write more but they are crying feeding time- talk soon