So thet are one month old! It has been a hard one month, so worth it but so so hard...I really never expected it to be like this...it is all about them all the time..I have no time for myself, showers are a blessing!!! But I am so happy, really I am- even though I am not getting any sleep...they are growing and eating a ton all the time...here are a couple of pics of them at one month old- would write more but they are crying feeding time- talk soon


  1. Has it really been a month already?! I love their little blue stripes!!

  2. They are the sweetiest boys EVER!!!!! It was so amazing seeing you and the twins. You are such an outstanding Mom and you and Steve are doing GREAT!!!!! I'm so proud of the 2 of you and your family is sooooooooooo beautiful- I love you XOXOOXXO