Two on the move!!

So it is official....I have two crawlers! Will has started to actually crawl- he was doing the army crawl and worm moves and then as of last night Will started to crawl- hand, hand, knee knee- he is off!! Luke and Will both moving about...it is crazy....now we are watching everything- seems like we are headed to full on baby gates and watching where we are stepping! It is so much fun....we are so in love!!!


Sweet boys!

So my mom and I went to this consignment sale that is twice a year- we just love it! I wanted to get the boys some wooden block- they had Pottery Barn Kids blocks for $10!!! So I bought them and look at these little boys, they just loved them!!! Many more years to play with them....


It's Ok

I am stealing a post idea from my friend, Emily from the juice is worth the squeeze http://mrandmrseyecansee.blogspot.com/
It's Ok

To be happy that tonight is "Ladies night" in our neighborhood- drinking with my girlfriends and playing with our babies/kids.....

To be ready for the weekend- I miss my babies....

To be tired of cleaning the house......

To be SO happy for my shows to come back on for the fall...oh how I have missed you

To start laundry at 6 am...not enough hours in the day.........

To want to have a night off from being a mommy- don't get me wrong I love my kids, but I just want a night to do what I want to do...sleep, watch tv, just one night....

Speaking of that one night, I want a mini vacation with my hubby, just he and I...October can't come soon enough, one night off to Saint Louis for our anniversary, no babies, just he and I..........

To not want the farmer's market to be over in the fall...love you FM!


Weekly Menu

So over the last couple of weeks I have started to make a weekly meal plan- main reason...I either buy too much or too little at the weekly trip to Wal-Mart...so I am trying to be more prepared and switch up our meals a little more often...it seems to be working for us. I only cook Sunday through Thursday- Friday and Saturday's are my nights off...frozen pizza or we go out for Mexican....thanks goodness for breaks.

Sunday- beef stuffed peppers with black beans and cheese
Monday- bbq brisket sandwiches with cornbread and green beans
Tuesday- chicken spaghetti casserole
Wednesday- lemon chicken piccata with asparagus and potatoes
Thursday- chicken parm with broccoli and fresh salad


New toys!

Thanks to my neighbor friend, Melissa, she let us borrow this little walker thing....Luke is about a foot too short for it, but he will frow into it....he really likes new toys- Will was already sleeping when Melissa dropped this off...he will get to enjoy it today! :)



My sweet Will- smiling and just so happy- poor booger has a cold due to his top two teeth coming in, but still so happy!

Will crawling?

Will has been trying to crawl for the last couple of days- he gets up on all fours and rocks then falls down, but he is getting much better over the last day- check him out, daycare took this shot!

Our Little Chef!

So daycare sent me this picture of Luke- seriously, he is only 7 months old- look how strong he is!!! He will be walking soon,I have a feeling!


Bye bye pump!

Well it is offical....I am done breastfeeding! My milk just stopped- I woke up this morning and my breasts did not feel full nor did they hurt, which they normally do...so I pumped today and only got 4 oz- so I told myself that I am done...so bye bye breast pump! Maybe our paths will meet again someday....


7 months old- Golden birthday...

So my boys are 7 months old- gosh it is nuts! Oh how much do I love these little dudes? So so much, I thank god for allowing me to be THEIR mom- really motherhood is a true joy and blessing...many times I think- seriously how lucky are we to have these boys? They are just so sweet....Luke continues to crawl all over the house- baby gates are in full effect. Will is trying, he gets up on all 4's and rocks- but then flops back on his belly- Will is sitting though- Luke is close....they are loving the homemade baby food and still doing milk= my breast milk is slowing stopping, only pumping like 20 oz a day compared to the 50 that I was doing- I think my body is done producing- but I will do it until I run dry- pumping only.....Luke is FINALLY sleeping the whole night- Will has been doing that for about 3 months now, so we feel much better....all is great with our little men! Thank you god for these wonderful gifts!!!

Rubber Ducky- You're the one!

So the boys had their first- "big boy" baths....no baby bath- the real deal...Will is sitting now, Luke is close...so we thought it was time to put them in the duck floaty bath...they love it! Check em out...so cute...


Breast Feeding??

So I have been pumping exclusively since Luke has gotten teeth- too painful, that little boy wants to bite off my nipple so I stopped nursing when they turned 6 months old. So now I am pumping only....4 times a day and boy is it getting REALLY old- cleaning the supplies and strapping on the hands free bra and to be honest I am just done with it- I have been doing it since day 2 around the clock every 3 hours for the first two months! Can you believe that? Anyways, my milk is slowly starting to stop coming in....I usually could produce about 40 oz a day or a little over one liter....pretty crazy when I stop and think about it- that is a lot of milk- enough to feed BOTH of my boys for almost 7 months- not to toot my own horn, but I am really proud of my body- it has done more than I ever thought that I could do....so I am ok with it subsiding. The American Pediatric Association stated that they suggest for immunity to breast feed for at least 6 months and I have done that...so if my milk stops then I will be ok knowing that I did as best as I could producing for twins. So the whole point is that I am now going to only pump twice a day and continue with the formula feedings that we are doing now....doing formula last feeding of the night and first feeding- may just have to be doing more- but hey I made it 7 months right???


Stepping stone for our sweet Brody

I ordered this pet stepping stone for Brody- we have been waiting for it to arrive- yesterday when I got home it was at the front door....it is just perfect! We have it outside where Brody use to lay in the sun, that dog loved the sun....we miss him everyday, but know we did the right thing....here's to you sweet Brody!


Visit from Melissa

My sorority sister from College/best friend came into town on Saturday to meet the boys for the first time...it was so good to see her, have not seen her since my baby shower in October!!! Gosh time flies....sad to see her go back to Saint Louis...thanks Meliss for coming over! We love you....