7 months old- Golden birthday...

So my boys are 7 months old- gosh it is nuts! Oh how much do I love these little dudes? So so much, I thank god for allowing me to be THEIR mom- really motherhood is a true joy and blessing...many times I think- seriously how lucky are we to have these boys? They are just so sweet....Luke continues to crawl all over the house- baby gates are in full effect. Will is trying, he gets up on all 4's and rocks- but then flops back on his belly- Will is sitting though- Luke is close....they are loving the homemade baby food and still doing milk= my breast milk is slowing stopping, only pumping like 20 oz a day compared to the 50 that I was doing- I think my body is done producing- but I will do it until I run dry- pumping only.....Luke is FINALLY sleeping the whole night- Will has been doing that for about 3 months now, so we feel much better....all is great with our little men! Thank you god for these wonderful gifts!!!

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  1. I can't believe how big they're getting! It sure goes fast!