Breast Feeding??

So I have been pumping exclusively since Luke has gotten teeth- too painful, that little boy wants to bite off my nipple so I stopped nursing when they turned 6 months old. So now I am pumping only....4 times a day and boy is it getting REALLY old- cleaning the supplies and strapping on the hands free bra and to be honest I am just done with it- I have been doing it since day 2 around the clock every 3 hours for the first two months! Can you believe that? Anyways, my milk is slowly starting to stop coming in....I usually could produce about 40 oz a day or a little over one liter....pretty crazy when I stop and think about it- that is a lot of milk- enough to feed BOTH of my boys for almost 7 months- not to toot my own horn, but I am really proud of my body- it has done more than I ever thought that I could do....so I am ok with it subsiding. The American Pediatric Association stated that they suggest for immunity to breast feed for at least 6 months and I have done that...so if my milk stops then I will be ok knowing that I did as best as I could producing for twins. So the whole point is that I am now going to only pump twice a day and continue with the formula feedings that we are doing now....doing formula last feeding of the night and first feeding- may just have to be doing more- but hey I made it 7 months right???

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