Maternity leave is almost over

well the time has come...April 4th I go back to work- I have mixed feelings, there is a part of me who is ready, ready to get back to life and have something else to be depended on besides babies...then there is a part that I say I don't want to go because I have bonded and fallen so in love with my little guys....lucky for me I have my mom and my mother in law and 2 days daycare, so I am not nervous to leave them with any of these people....since we moved I must go back to work for the mortgage payments- I am sure that it will be an adjustment but hoping all goes well. Will be pumping at work to continue with my milk- they boys are drinking almost 6 oz each time so I am blessed that I can keep up with them- only one formula feeding a day, before they go to bed.....will keep you posted on the going back to work situation.


Friday night KU party

Well we thought that we were good luck for KU but Sunday proved us wrong...boo! Ohio State out of it too! Double boo- anyways we had a small get together on Friday at our house and I dressed up the boys to give their support for KU- Steve had to get in the Picture too- so cute


My two handsome dudes

Ok so what is with this weather? Yesterday it got to 82 in our house!!! There was no way that we were turning on the air in March...so I took off the boys sleepers and we hung out in the basement- had to get some shots of my "men"


The big move....

So the time has come to seperate the boys....they have both been sharing Luke's crib while we prepare will's room....now it is time as Will seems to wake up Luke and vice versa....so we got our second camera for the monitor and tonight will be the bog night....hope all goes smoothly. Here are some pictures of their nurseries...they turned out so sweet....also a great picture of my boppy boys!


My sleeping boys

Oh these moments are so wonderful- both of them sleeping- they both fell asleep on my chest and I made the quick motion of taking them off of me and placing them on the couch- it worked!!! Here are my sweet sweet babies-


2 months old

Oh my gosh I can't believe that they are 2 months old already! Things are getting much better- they are not up every hour and not feeding every hour- we are about every 3 to 4 hours and they are eating almost 5 oz each feeding!!! GROWING BOYS- speaking of which we went to the doctor today and Luke is a whopping 7 pounds 10 oz and 20.5 inches long- at two months!!! Will is 9 pounds 4 oz and 23 inches long- so they are growing, just not too fast- Luke is the same size of an average newborn at two months old- god bless him...anyways here are some shots of my little men