Maternity leave is almost over

well the time has come...April 4th I go back to work- I have mixed feelings, there is a part of me who is ready, ready to get back to life and have something else to be depended on besides babies...then there is a part that I say I don't want to go because I have bonded and fallen so in love with my little guys....lucky for me I have my mom and my mother in law and 2 days daycare, so I am not nervous to leave them with any of these people....since we moved I must go back to work for the mortgage payments- I am sure that it will be an adjustment but hoping all goes well. Will be pumping at work to continue with my milk- they boys are drinking almost 6 oz each time so I am blessed that I can keep up with them- only one formula feeding a day, before they go to bed.....will keep you posted on the going back to work situation.

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