Expecting THEIR arrival in January

That is right we are having TWINS!! Can you believe it? Both are really healthy- baby a has heart beat of 156 and baby b has heart beat of 172- baby b seemed really wild! So now our due date is January 30th and we are for sure finding out the sexes....so there you have it...Molly has two little babies in her belly! Thank you God! Here are the pics- so exciting!


  1. I'm so extremely happy for the Two of you!!!! You both will be the best parents and you are now blessed with 2 babies to share your love with!!!! Congratulations & much love!!!!! Anna

  2. SOOOOO freaking excited right now! I hope you know that all my new coworkers now think I'm crazy because I started bawling on the phone when you told me! You and Steve are going to be amazing parents to Lucy and Luke (hehehe) and I cannot WAIT to meet these two precious babies in January. No doubt they'll be beautiful, just like my Mol :)

  3. SOOO happy for the both of you. I know this has been a long hard struggle and now it is paying off DOUBLE!!!! Can't wait to see those two cute babies!!! YEAH!!! Seriously still in shock here!

  4. Holy ****... 2?? And I'm finding out over email- seriously freaking out now!!! SOOOOO excited for you both!!! Can't wait to here what you are having!!!

    Shock, shock... stilled shocked, gotta cal Rob :) :) :)