First full night

Oh my I am so happy...last night we put Luke down at 7:30 and Will at 8:00- I went to bed at 8:30-8:45..said good night to Steve kissed him and dozed off waiting to be awoken to Luke crying at 1 or 2 am- but what did I wake up to???? Steve waking me up at 5:15- "Molly, is the monitor on? Why don't you have Luke? Did you wake up? I then think, oh my gosh, did I wake up, what happened- so I look on the monitor and see that Luke is facing the other direction all the way at the other end of the crib- so I go in and see that he is sleeping away, then I check on Will who is sleeping away...so no baby woke me up, my boobs didn't wake me up since the last 5 nights I have not been pumping- just nursing, so it was just perfect! I can't believe it, really I can't. So let's hope that we are reaching a turning point, which I am sure that we are not- but last night was just wonderful!!!!!

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  1. I remember that first full night. You wake up in a panic because you can't belive it actually happened! Jamie started giving us more nights right around the 4 mos mark. We weren't lucky enough to have them with any consistancy until recently though. I wasn't complaining, I took what I could get!