I'm Home!!!!

It is so nice to be home, wow....I got home on Sunday, 1/17- a full 7 days in the hospital...not so fun. Surgery was Monday 1/11- 3 1/2 hour surgery..removed 40% of the tail end of my pancreas and removed my spleen since the tail end and spleen share the same blood vessel they both have to be removed..incision is 11" from left to right following the rib cage..I have to admit, I am sore but I am doing ok, taking it one day at a time..all my stomach muscles have been severed and getting back to normal will take at least 6 weeks..I can't bend over..my lower back is still really sore from the 40% of the pancreas being removed..I have dropped a lot of weight and am back to eating normally but very little...here is a picture of the incision....pretty crazy..they said that my tumor was the size of a nickel and noncancerous!!! Mayo was great- everyone was amazing..whole new look on the medical field...glad to be home...will be in touch soon guys!

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